Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deadpool #52

X here with one measly review for the night... I have to be at work VERY early tomorrow, which means I don't have a lot of time for typing up reviews tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few reviews up and finished tomorrow afternoon after work, but we shall see... As for tonight, I'll be reading and reviewing this week's Pick of the Litter, the comic I'm expecting the most out of, that's right, Deadpool. You're all I've got tonight, Deadpool, don't let me down...

Deadpool #52:

Summary: Okay, as per my messed up schedule, this is going to be a REEEEEALY fast review, so hang on... Kingpin captures Hydra Bob, since Kingpin figured Bob knew more than he was letting on. Deadpool uses Bob's capture as an excuse to get X-Force to attack Kingpin's headquarters, which leads to a lot of ninjas being eviscerated by Wolvie and company. With Wolvie slowly becoming wise to the fact that there was more going on here than meets the eye, Deadpool betrays his X-Force teammates and chases Kingpin to the roof. Before anything can go down between Kingpin and Deadpool, X-Force and Hydra Bob manage to reach the rooftop. Deadpool decides to toss some grenades at X-Force to get them out of his hair, but Fantomex shoots the grenades back at Pool, destroying Kingpin's getaway helicopter. Kingpin leaps off the roof and escapes via a parachute(??!), while Daken shoots Wolverine in the back from a nearby building with what Deadpool presumed was the serum that would rob Pool of his healing factor and finally allow him to die. Pool moves to teleport to Daken to get the serum, but before he can, Bob grabs Deadpool and stabs him in the chest with what appears to be the real serum(!?!), ending this issue.

Thoughts: Wait, so when did Bob get the serum?! And more to the point, where was he hiding it?! You'd have to think Kingpin would have had Bob searched thoroughly before being brought to his base to be tortured, so it's kind of weird that Bob was the one with the serum in the end... I would have sworn Daken had the serum considering the way the last issue ended. Regardless of what happened though, it looks as if Pool FINALLY doesn't have his healing factor(unless Bob messed up and gave Pool a fake serum, which is definitely possible...), which means Pool will be doing EVERYTHING in his power to die next issue. After betraying X-Force, as well as Bob, and using Kingpin and Daken as pawns, I'll be interested to see what happens next. Oh, and yes, I was kind of bummed that we didn't get the Deadpool/Daken battle I was anticipating here...

Score: 8 out of 10.
deadpool #52
Yeah, I laughed when Psylocke caught a bit of Deadpool's internal monologue...


  1. Damn, Typhoid is hot. Anyway, I think things will really start getting fun in the last two issues.

  2. @Doctor Deadpool
    AGREED! sir
    id say Typhoid is starting to Give Electra a run for her money as sexist street based assasin, id really REALLY like to see her appear in Greg Rucka's current Punisher run i think she would make a hell of a first "Known" villian for the Punishers new Female marine sidekick (a new Lady Punisher in the Making we hope, and this one there actualy doing realsticly and where getting to know her and we sympithize with her on the same level as frank for the things she has suffered at the hands of the NYC criminal underworld, sorry punisher rant i LOVE this series)

  3. hey man check this out tis next week i think.

    ok damn The Vision does not fuck around!
    (supid Hope appearing Randomly) this might be an actuly kickass issue of Bendisworld aka The Avengers

  4. I really liked this issue but if there had been any extra space I would have appreciated a bit more Typhoid-Deadpool interaction DP only has so many old flames he can actually do that kind of stuff with and it knowing him it would be funny as all hell.

  5. Wow, check out all the love for Typhoid Mary! Nice!

    You know, Movieartman, you're not the first person to really talk up that Punisher series... I know it's only $3, and it only drops once a month, if you(or anybody) could give me a heads up for a new storyarc, I think I'll give it a shot. As for that link, DAMN did Mags look old! He's finally showing his age! :P That looks like it COULD be really good, although I could have done without the Bendis-style dialogue where Mags had to tell Vision he was the Master of Magnetism, Vision had to repeat himself, etc. With that said though, those three pages look WAY better than anything I've seen from that series since before Fear Itself, so I'm def hopeful.

    Agreed, Anon. The lack of Pool/Mary interaction seemed to be a missed opportunity here. When she first popped up at Kingpin's side a few issues back, I thought she was there to touch on her past with Pool... I guess not.

  6. you asked for info on a starting place for the current punisher book. if i may say so it would really be prefencal to go back and get all the issues that have come so far (8 as of this week i beleive), cus there is alot of sub plots and details you will have missed, id be happy to fill you on them but i think it would be better to read it yourself, im going to say tho that this book is not for evrey one, most punisher books primarly deal with trying to see things from franks point of view, and his mindset, this book conectrats mostly on franks outer world (frank didnt even speak on page until the 3rd issue), the many side characters in the book, the villians and of course Rachel cole franks new "partner" so to speak. frank is like a force of nature in the book until the 3rd or 4th issue where he gets his ass supremly handed to him, and then he spends a really good issue recoperating, witch shows us even the most badass of badasses can have bad days.
    but if u dont wish to buy all the past issue
    there is in fact a 3 issue mini crossover called the omega effect coming up i think it would be the ideal starting place. it spins out of whats been going on in daredevil.

    part 1 - Avenging Spider-man #6
    part 2 - The Punisher #10
    part 3 - Daredevil #11

    and then you can just continue getting punisher after that.
    let me know what you choose, if your not gonna get the previous issues ill fill you in on whats going on :)
    later man

  7. You know, this reminds me: Deadpool is going to be in "Punisher: Space". He sure pops up in a lot of Punisher series. And he pops up a lot in outer space, a lot too, for some reason.

    Tieri's writing this so it might be good, but Deadpool in space has never worked and I'm not sure if the Punisher will be much better.

  8. Thanks a ton for all the info, Movieartman. Next time I hit the comic shop(prob Wednesday) I'll see which issues they have in stock, as well as see if any trades have come out yet. If worse comes to worse, maybe I'll just order the whole series from an online shop, since, like you said, it'd probably be best to read it from the beginning to see all of the subplots. I'd say in probably two or three weeks time(unless my store has the whole run in stock), I'll have the full series.

    Hmm, I am a big fan of Frank Tieri's... Never really understood why he didn't get more mainstream work, since most of what he's done I've enjoyed. But a "Punisher in space" story? Idk, that's a hard sell for me...

  9. No Probs at all glad to be of help i really hope you like the series my freind ttyl