Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men #0

The final review for the night is the very first issue of this year's Marvel MEGA EVENT©, Avengers vs X-Men. Needless to say, I am VERY curious to see how things get set up in this issue. Before I get to it though, a quick note... I may be a bit late responding to comments left on any posts over the course of the next day or so, as I have a lot of comics to read as well as my work responsibilities. I always strive to respond to comments ASAP, but I may be a bit slow in responding. But I WILL try to respond to every comment left for me, as always. Okay, enough of that, I can't wait any longer to read this comic!

Avengers vs X-Men #0(of 12):

Summary: Two stories in this one, the first one is written by Brian Bendis and stars the Scarlet Witch, while the second one is written by Jason Aaron and stars Our Lord and Savior Hope. First story first... MODOK tries to murder a Wakandan scientist who had betrayed AIM. Fortunately for the scientist, the Scarlet Witch shows up on the scene to help him. Awesome! Wanda uses her hex bolts to bedevil MODOK for a while, but MODOK's forces manage to overwhelm her... At least until Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel arrive on the scene to help Wanda take out MODOK and his cronies. With the battle done, Wanda wants to simply slink back into the shadows, but Ms. Marvel wants Wanda to head back to Avengers Mansion to say hello to everybody. Wanda REALLY doesn't want to, but Ms. Marvel refuses to take no for an answer and brings Wanda to the Mansion, where she is met by an angry Vision. Vision bitches Wanda out for the events of Avengers Disassembled, and Wanda meekly apologizes. Vision doesn't care to hear it and he tells Wanda to get lost since Avengers Mansion wasn't her home anymore... See, I told you Bendis hates Wanda! With that, Ms. Marvel flies the devastated Wanda away while Vision walks off crying... Next story sees Our Lord and Savior Hope doing what she does best, beating EVERYBODY up... Because she's Our Lord and Savior! Duh! It doesn't matter if it's Lord Summers or the Serpent Society, Our Lord and Savior drops the hammer on them all. Basically the Hope story was here to show us that Our Lord and Savior Hope was ready for the Phoenix Force(or at least claimed to be) if it was coming to Earth to choose her as it's next host. And honestly? That's as much time as I can bear spending on that story.

Thoughts: The Wanda story was WAY better than the Hope story, but then I hate Our Lord and Savior with a white hot passion, so that probably colored my opinion just a tad. The Wanda story basically proved what I had guessed after reading Avengers Disassembled all those years ago, as well as Avengers #24.1... Bendis really, REALLY hates Wanda... As much as I hate Our Lord and Savior Hope? That must be how much Bendis hates Wanda! I'm waiting to see her kicking puppies and stealing candy from babies! One thing that really bugged me about the Wanda story was Vision's treatment of her... I get that he's mad about the whole, “being brutally murdered” thing and all, but why would he deliberately provoke her? And why would the other Avengers who were standing around let Vision tear into Wanda like that? I mean the last time she was at the Mansion she was on an epic rampage, is it that smart to mess with her head again!? So yeah, you'd think one of the Avengers would have shushed Vision here or something. As for the Hope story? It was a Hope story. Naturally I hated it. 'Nuff said. For me, the Hope story really brought the final score for this one down a good amount.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
avengers vs x-men #0
Bendis is the writer here... Of course he's going to talk a lot!


  1. Yeah, i agree with you. This wasn't all that impressive. I'm glad we got to see Wanda back in action but the Avengers' reaction seemed more than a little off. Plus, being the YA fangirl I am, was waiting for Wanda to be all "BTW William and Thomas are alive" before she was flown away. I mean, has anyone even told Vision that yet?

  2. TOTALLY agree about Wanda's return being the main highlight to this one. That really made this issue worth a read for me. That's a great point re: Vision... The Avengers obviously know Billy and Tommy are Wanda and Vision's kids, yet it's not clear if Vision himself knows... Weird. It would have been SO much better if Billy and/or Tommy were actually WITH Wanda in this one and met Vision at the Mansion with Wanda. Who better to have Wanda's back as she returns to super-heroics then one(or both) of her sons?