Thursday, March 8, 2012

Irredeemable #35

First up tonight is a look at the only comic from Boom! Studios I read, Irredeemable. And it appears that in a few more months, I won't be reading any comics from Boom! as Mark Waid(series creator and writer) has decided to end the story of the Plutonian... So I will most definitely be enjoying these final few issues of Irredeemable while I still can.

Irredeemable #35:

Summary: This issue focuses heavily on Bette Noir, who has been possessed by Modeus, in a brilliant move on Modeus's part. First we see Bette/Modeus tricking one of the Plutonian's goons into going after Gilgamos, Kaiden and the ghost of Charybdis. Next, Bette/Modeus manipulates another of the Plutonian's goons into becoming a weapon for her/him. By this point, the Plutonian, who figured out what Modeus had done last issue, is rapidly approaching a fully prepared Bette/Modeus. Meanwhile, Gilgamos gives Kaiden the seeds to a tree that would bear fruits of immortality, since that would allow the human race to continue, even though the planet was a wreck due to the massive radioactive fallout spreading across it(as well as the Plutonian's actions). However, eating the fruit would close the door to the afterlife forever, meaning Kaiden would be permanently separated from the love of her life, the ghost of Charybdis. And watching this scene play out? The goon Bette/Modeus sent from earlier. Back to the main story, as Modeus uses Bette's powers in ways she could never imagine, taking the Plutonian down hard. While that's all going on Qubit is trying in vain to reach the Plutonian to see what's going on. Bette/Modeus figures that she/he and the Plutonian could now be together, since Bette was the woman of the Plutonian's dreams, while Modeus had always been romantically interested in the Plutonian. Needless to say, the Plutonian isn't interested in such a relationship, but tellingly, Plutonian can't bring himself to blast Bette/Modeus. Plutonian does try to tell Bette/Modeus about the radiation that was threatening to destroy the Earth, but Bette/Modeus could care less since she/he could go anywhere in time or space with the Plutonian. This issue ends with Bette/Modeus climbing on top of a fallen and distraught Plutonian.

Thoughts: Well, it seems that Mark Waid is going to bring the awesome as we get ready to say adios to this series. The scenes with Bette/Modeus and the Plutonian were great, because of all the emotions at work here... Modeus figured he could finally be with Plutonian since he was residing in the body of the Plutonian's ideal woman. The Plutonian couldn't bring himself to blast Modeus, because he was wearing Bette's face. On top of that, Modeus has managed to unlock the true potential of Bette's powers, making him/her almost a match for the Plutonian himself. Besides that, you have the quandary Kaiden finds herself in, and the Plutonian's henchman preparing to attack Kaiden, Gilgamos and the ghost of Charybdis... Needless to say, I can't wait to see how Waid brings this great series to a close.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.
irredeemable #35
I love that Modeus is basically taunting dead Bette to her own face!

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