Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teen Titans #7

Slight change of plans! I was going to review X-Men Legacy #264 here, but JT asked that I read/review Teen Titans instead, which is a pretty good indicator that it was either really, really good, or really, really bad. But either way, now I'm curious, and as such, can't help but check it out!

Teen Titans #7:

Summary: Red Robin convinces the Teen Titans to rescue Superboy from NOWHERE, since their whole deal was to take down NOWHERE and rescue the kids NOWHERE were capturing... Now, I'm not sure why Red Robin thought SB needed rescuing, since the last time the Titans saw SB he was mopping the floor with them FOR NOWHERE, but whatever, I'll let that one pass. So Red Robin manages to get the Titans to NOWHERE's top secret base thanks to the help of Danny the Street, who is, apparently, a street with teleportational abilities......... Yeah. So Danny the Street(the teleporting street), takes the Titans to NOWHERE's base where they engage NOWHERE's forces and ultimately rescue SB, who was being tortured by NOWHERE for disobeying them. The Titans go to leave(why not just have Danny the Street, the teleporting street, teleport them to safety?), but are confronted by the head honcho of NOWHERE, some creepy looking freak calling himself Harvest.

Thoughts: Well, if you overlook Red Robin walking around the Titans unmasked, Red Robin telepathically knowing Superboy needed rescuing and was no longer working for NOWHERE, and the whole Danny the Street(the teleporting street) thing, this wasn't a horrible comic. Now, I can overlook one, maybe two things, but come on, a teleporting street? Really?? How the hell can I turn a blind eye to THAT?! What's next, a telepathic wall? A spunky dishwasher? A burly building? Methinks Scott Lobdell had either gone totally insane or is REALLY scratching the bottom of his idea barrel... Okay, I've GOT to get off the teleporting street thing... Yeah, moving on, ignoring the deus ex machina that is Danny the Street(the teleporting street), this issue wasn't horrible. It did the thing that I've been waiting for since the first issue dropped, and that was get Superboy one step closer to joining the Titans and becoming more like the pre-reboot Superboy. The Titans rescuing SB SHOULD force SB to join the Titans due to them risking their own lives for him, even after he beat them up. So, in closing, while there was a teleporting street here, the story moved along in a way I liked, which was a good thing.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
teen titans #7
That's probably one of the most hilariously awful pieces of dialogue I've read in some time! Oh, and to answer Templar's question? For me it was last Monday.


  1. Just wondering, could "Danny the Street" actually be someone else just trying to hide their identity? Kind of like Cipher gave Blindfold information in New Mutants/Young X-Men. Just an idea

  2. I sure hope so, Cole... Because the idea of a teleporting street as a real character just doesn't appeal to me in the least... I mean how can anybody possibly relate to THAT?!

  3. ...Maybe Lobdel is making his own "krakoa" kind of character, you know the "island" living under the JG eschool...

  4. OMG, it's Morrison's fault:

    Other than the teleporting street, I agree that we almost (almost) get a real "Titans" issue here! I'm still perturbed by the portrayal of Tim as a mini-Batman, cold and calculating, but I hope that the addition of Superboy is going to bring out the friendship that they used to have and resolve this problem. But, I enjoyed them working as a team, from Kid Flash and Superboy's banter to Bunker quoting the "Princess Bride." It's about time I laughed reading this series!

  5. HA!!!!!!!!!! JW, you just made my MONTH! I should have KNOWN! Of course it was Morrison! The same guy who came up with a villain whose name translates to "The Hat" WOULD come up with a character named "The Street"! That literally made me burst out laughing... Man is that hilarious...

    And yeah, I think we're slowly getting there with Lobdell and this series. Once the NOWHERE stuff is out of the way(which should be a few more issues?) we should FINALLY have a full compliment of Titans, and can finally move on to bigger and batter things... Hopefully.