Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekly Comic News for March 24th!

Hey everyone, time for another edition of Weekly Comic News, coming live from your favorite blog, by your favorite blogger who's name doesn't have an X in it. I realize I've been MIA recently due to being extremely busy, but since I finally got a day off I'm gonna stockpile some reviews after this post, so be on the lookout for those as well, but let's get into this week's news.

Judge, Jury, and Bad-Ass

This week we found out that comic publisher IDW will debut a new Judge Dredd series this fall. The creative teams involved have yet to be announced but a lot of fans are excited about the return of Dredd, as this just so happens to be the 35th anniversary of the character. When asked for a quote, Sylvester Stallone reportedly said "If I could read, I'd definitely read this." (That comment may or may not have been made up by me.) To read more about the upcoming Judge Dredd comic book, click here.

Walking Dead, Killer Ratings

Walking Dead's season 2 finale aired this past Sunday, and pulled in huge ratings as over 9 Million people tuned in to see what Rick Grimes and the rest of the crew would do. As a fan of both the comic series and the television show, I'd highly recommend anyone who isn't to give the books and/or show a chance. You have plenty of time, as The Walking Dead returns with sixteen new episodes this Fall for Season 3.

Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles?!

The comic fandom has been in an uproar recently after hearing the news that Transformers director, Michael Bay, will take helm for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. The thing that's gotten everyone so upset is a recent quote from Bay himself. "These Turtles are from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely lovable." Fans of the TMNT all know that the turtles were exposed to some toxic waste that mutated them into large man-sized turtles, and they weren't aliens as Michael Bay says these will be. To see comments by numerous fans as well as Bay's reply, click here.

Avengers Assemble Again

The current Avengers Animated Series, Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes returns for a second season on Disney XD. Below is the most recent trailer that shows the team, as well as a few more characters that will be involved, including Red Hulk!

Ms. Captain Marvel

Last week I mentioned that Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, would soon take a new name, costume and comic book, becoming Marvel's own Captain Marvel. This week we got an interview from artist Jamie McKelvie, the man who designed the new costume, as well as his thought process for Ms. Marvel's new look as Captain Marvel. To see pics of the costume as well as read what Jamie had to say, click here.

Book not selling? Why not Liefeld?

Rob Liefeld said this week "the sales for Grifter, Deathstroke, and Savage Hawkman have fallen off a cliff." A quick look at the charts would confirm that, in February Hawkman placed at number 103 on the sales charts, Deathstroke at 104 and Grifter at number 126. Two of those comics I actually followed and dropped. For some reason DC thinks that adding Liefeld to these books that are already selling poorly will help, even though he's been writing Hawkman the whole time and his other book, Hawk and Dove, which was at number 136, has already been cancelled. (Source)

Not-So-Green Arrow

A teaser picture has been released for the upcoming Green Arrow based CW Television show known as Arrow. In the pic you'll see that this is a less Green and a darker more Batman-like version of The Green Arrow.  To read more about the upcoming show, click here.

Well that's it for me everyone, thanks for reading and feel free to comment with any news or thoughts you have. I'll be back with a few reviews between now and comic day, so until then, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger Man, Jason Todd, signing off.


  1. Hey, it's JT! :P I hear ya about being busy, mi amigo, I have a LOOOOONG day ahead of me tomorrow, and much like you, I'm gonna try to get a few reviews stockpiled and out of the way. For tomorrow, Mon and Tues.

    Let's see... My sister actually just started watching the Walking Dead TV show and LOVED it, she wound up watching pretty much the first and second seasons over the course of a few days. She loved it so much she picked up a bunch of earlier trades, so who knows, maybe one of these days I actually WILL read that!

    Can't wait for the new season of Avengers. Not much more to say about that...

    Hate that Ms. Marvel is going to become Capt. Marvel. If anything, Marvel Boy should have gotten that name on account of actually BEING Kree and having a sucky name... I mean really, Protector? Worst name ever. Damned Bendis...

    If the Liefeld thing doesn't prove DC is run by nitwits, nothing will...

    As for Green Arrow... I mean Arrow(really?), no thanks. But then you know I hardly watch any TV anyway, so yeah...

    There we go, with that comment out of the way, it's on to some reviews and then sleep, and then work... Which is all I do nowadays... :/

  2. I really got to catch up with season 2 of WD. I haven't even watched any episode this season.

    My reaction to the whole "TANT" thing was this: "Nah...doesn't sound right." When I was little I had a crapload of Turtles toys. I even used to watch the 2003 series as well, so I hope this "thing" about them being aliens is not true.

    Season 1 of Avengers was awesome. I hope season 2 lives up the promise.


    Nice GA costume. I hope it's another Smallville and not another "Birds of Prey".

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, figured I'd reply before I did a review for Monday.

    X - I'd definitely recommend watching the show on Netflix, and reading the books. They're kinda similar but a lot changes so the order doesn't really matter, but if you read the book first you may expect things that may or may not happen on the show, if that makes sense.

    I haven't watched the first season, I know you spoke highly of it so maybe I'll check it out, hopefully it's on Netflix or something.

    I agree, I haven't read much Ms. Marvel but she's popped up in a lot of stuff I read like Avengers Initiative, Spidey, Alias and whatnot and I enjoyed her character, but this one seems like a completely new one just from the look alone, I think she was fine the way she was.

    Liefeld + _____ = Crap. And I agree on the Arrow show, I more than likely won't check it out although I did like how he was portrayed on Smallville.

    Arw1985 - You need to dude, this second had a lot of talking but it was still better than season one, and a LOT of surprising things happened.

    Exactly what I thought, I also watched that series in 2003 and it was pretty damn good, the one that came on WB right? And yeah, I feel like its one of those things they'll change that won't matter for the story, but still will annoy longtime TMNT fans like us.

    Like I was telling X, I really need to watch that cartoon... and that Smallville/BoP line was perfect, Best way to sum it up.

  4. The change from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel is a good thing. It is like dropping the Black from a character, just because they were black, though I cannot think of one that has (the names are pretty stupid though).

    On TMNT, does it matter? At first I thought it was stupid, but Doug Walker has a very good point. It is Bay, there is no way this is going to be good to begin with. After one not very good TF film and two terrible ones (though one being eye-bleedingly bad and the other being boring and stupid), I am never seeing another Bay film again. So this news actually does not really matter.

    The Green Arrow costume is eh, very generic looking really. The changes in the premise so far have not sounded good, so yeah, not really looking forward to this one either.