Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly Comic News for March 17th

Hey Todd Squad, it's time again for that weekly comic news content that you are constantly craving. I apologize for missing last week but considering there were like two news columns worth mentioning, plus I had a Birthday coming up, I figured I'd take the week off like the slacker I am. Anyway, let's get to this week's newest news.

Y, The First Film

After years of on-again and off-again film news, it's been announced yet again, this time on the heels of the recent debut of Saga, that a film adaptation of Y, The Last Man was once again in production. The film now has a new writing staff working on adapting the series into a movie script, you can read more about it here.

Low on Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts is coming to an end in May, sources report. The long running series is apparently set to end at issue #175, which will prompt a new, unannounced title from there. The final issue will double ship along with a second-to-last this May, to read more click here.

Captain Marvel joins the Avengers?

With the recent name change of DC's Captain Marvel to SHAZAM, Marvel has opted to take back the name. This July, Ms. Marvel will don a new costume, a new name, and a new solo series written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, as she becomes Captain Marvel. I'm kind of conflicted about Ms. Marvel becoming Captain Marvel, but as long as they don't change the character too much I doubt I'll mind, I'm expecting the only changes to be the name and costume. (Read More)

The Spider vs. The Iguana

Another one of the villains for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man video game shows us that one of the villains will be a new version of an old school Spider-Man Villain known as The Iguana. I don't know much about the Iguana but he definitely has a good look, and fits in with the theme since the main villain is The Lizard, I wouldn't mind seeing The Iguana show up in some form of the comics. (Read More)

Todd McFarlane replaces Todd McFarlane?!

It was recently announced that Todd McFarlane will once again start writing the Spawn series at issue #220, but it turns out he'll be replacing noneother than himself. The current writer of Spawn, Will Carlton, was actually a pseudonym used by McFarlane, meaning that he's been writing Spawn since #185. Read more about Todd McFarlane, Spawn Writer and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fan by clicking here.

Ultimate Spider-Man Trailer

Before I get out of here, I figured I'd link you guys to the trailer of the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man animated series on Disney XD. So sit back and enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you guys thought of it.

And that's it for me everyone. Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think, until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood blogger-man, Jason Todd, signing off!


  1. Oh dear, another comic based cartoon that shows comics as a silly story for children, do Marvel really have to make it harder on us fans? They could have done so much more with an Ultimate Spiderman cartoon series, made it a bit more sophisticated and taken the character to a whole new level, but instead the trailer was an absolute mess and the story seems as complex as a walk down the street. I'm not saying they have to make it for adults and exclude younger viewers, but even 12 year olds but probably be a bit beyond this. At least Jameson looks like he'll still be fun to see though.

  2. About the Ms marvel, Captain Marvel thing
    behold the glory or Horror (i havent decided yet..... seriously)

    i like her with short hair tho

    here is the full article

    what do you think of the new Xtreme X-men book coming up

  3. I don't disagree B-Guymer, and I can't say I'm looking forward to this show, but I will check out at least one episode, only so I can try it out. Plus Simmons as Jameson again is always great.

    Um.... wow. Thanks for the links Movieartman, but yeah, I am hating that costume. The short hair works but shit, the mask and everything... I am not a fan of. And I hadn't heard about X-Treme X-Men prior to this but it looks like crap imo, I could be wrong but it doesn't interest me at all.

  4. That's a bummer about thunderbolts. I wasn't reading the book, but I like the characters, and was waiting for the time-traveling arc to end to kick the tires again on jumping on.

  5. But for what I understand, Thunderbolts is not being cancelled they just Changed the name to Dark Avengers,
    Dark avengers is coming in June numbered as issue 176.