Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daken: Dark Wolverine #22

Hmm, I was totally unsure what comic to read first tonight, so I decided I'd read a comic with a character that I really enjoyed. And although he's been written horribly as of late, I AM still a huge fan of Daken, and as such have decided to read the latest issue of Daken first tonight... Yeah, I'm surprised by this as well...

Daken: Dark Wolverine #22:

Summary: Last issue Daken set off bombs outside the Baxter Building, Avengers Mansion and the Sanctum Sanctorum. Daken figures that the people who were killed by the bombs would galvanize other regular people to rise up against the superheroes scattered throughout Manhattan. In the aftermath of the bombings, Mayor Jameson decides to lock Manhattan down(he does that an awful lot...) until Daken is captured. Meanwhile, Wolverine is a drugged up mess wandering around Manhattan thanks to Daken and the Heat drug. Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man pick up readings of several other bombs spread throughout the city and send the Avengers and FF out to track down and disarm the devices, with Reed heading towards the largest bomb, located at the top of the Empire State Building. Upon arriving Reed runs into Daken, who waxes poetic to him about families and how unnecessary they were, as well as telling Reed that the other bombs were actually fakes. After talking for a while, Daken attacks Reed and manages to slip him some Heat pills(damn does he have a lot of those pills...). Reed's form loses molecular stability due to the Heat and this issue ends with Daken tossing Reed off of the roof while preparing “to go out on a high”.

Thoughts: This was actually the closest Rob Williams has come to “sounding” like Daken. While I'm not sure I get Daken's plan(it's gonna take more than three bombs to get the people of Manhattan to turn against it's heroes... Ignoring that abomination that is Civil War of course), I did enjoy seeing Daken in all out asshole mode. Instead of getting lovesick Daken, or drugged up Daken, we got asshole Daken, which is a WAY better character to read about. Yeah, this issue wasn't perfect, but with only one more issue to go >:( I can honestly say I have no clue how this series will end, and that makes for an exciting read.

Score: 8 out of 10.
daken dark wolverine #22
He's got a point there... Get it?


  1. argument comencing in 5....4....3...2..1.... WHAT WAS WRONG WITH CIVIL WAR.......... besides the wrong side winning?

  2. @movieartman for one thing its basis what the fact that super-heroes were blamed for something a super villain did (the stamford incident) which makes absolutely no sense would nitro have not overdosed on mutant hormones if they weren't there, is it a bad thing to try to stop bad guys? and then the response who the hell beats up and arrests super heroes and locks them in the negative zone FOR SAVING PEOPLES LIVES that marvel expected this to be an argument that both sides had equal right and wrong is ridiculous.

    In other news i really dislike the art when someone gets high on heat, also were does Daken get all his pills, also protesters are this weeks hallmark background annoyance (maybe i should correct that to this century's).

  3. All of what Anon said, Movieartman... And more! I mean New York City police, firefighters and civilians turning on CAPTAIN AMERICA and siding with the government forces made NO sense!!! Trust me, I was born and raised in the Big Apple. That would NEVER happen! The end was a mess too, especially since there was no way it COULD end besides Iron Man winning... I think that fact dawned on me around issue #5, which hurt the rest of the series for me... Think about it, how could Cap possibly win? Storywise, it wasn't possible, especially since the public was inexplicably on Iron Man's side. Another thing that always bugged me, and Anon hit on it was sending HEROES to the Negative Zone! What the hell is that?! Plus there was Iron Man's role in the story... He's never really been that close to the government(as seen in Armor Wars), so abandoning his friends seemed off. I could go on and on, but suffice to say, I really don't like that storyline... With that said though, I'd never begrudge anybody for liking it, but for me personally? With the exception of Secret Invasion, it's probably the Marvel event I hate the most as a Marvel fan.

    The Heat pill thing bothered me too! I thought that guy(I'm blanking on his name...) made all of the Heat pills. How did Daken get his hands on that many(he must have dozens!) and why would he want to carry them around considering the damage they did to him and their addictive nature? And yeah, the Heat art is a mess... I get that's what they're going for, but you miss parts of stories because of it. There were some earlier issues of Daken when he was addicted to Heat where I just had no clue as to what was going on!