Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grifter #7

First up tonight we'll be taking a stroll over to the DC side of things and check out the latest issue of Grifter. Now, if the cover is any indication, this SHOULD be an awesome comic... But the cover of comics are often deceptive(especially lately...) so we'll see...

Grifter #7:

Summary: That piece of the Stormwatch ship that fell to Earth a few issues of Stormwatch back is discovered by Grifter, who could telepathically hear it calling out to him. Before Grifter can figure out what the ship was trying to warn him of, Midnighter(!) appears on the scene, demanding to know what the hell Grifter was doing there. Grifter doesn't want to tip his hand to Midnighter since he didn't know who Midnighter was(on account of Stormwatch being a secret team), but does mention Daemonites, which aren't known to exist by the general public. Midnighter tells Grifter that he had stumbled onto the wrong secret, and couldn't let him leave alive... Midnighter is all sorts of awesome... Grifter takes offense at that and pulls a gun, at which time Midnighter proceeds to disarm and beat the hell out of Grifter. Every move Grifter attempts is countered by Midnighter, all while the piece of the ship is begging Grifter to reach out so it could give him a memory transmission. Grifter manages to get Midnighter to knock him INTO the piece of the ship, at which point Grifter receives the transmission from the ship, much to the chagrin of Midnighter. The transmission tells Grifter about the existence of Stormwatch, amongst other things, and when Grifter tells Midnighter this, Midnighter decides that Grifter had to die. Meanwhile, we discover that Grifter's brother had survived the helicopter crash from a few issues back and was looking for revenge on Grifter. Back with Grifter and Midnighter, Grifter comes to the conclusion that there was no chance in him defeating Midnighter, so he successfully fakes his death, which convinces Midnighter to leave. With Midnighter out of his hair, Grifter ponders what he had learned, namely that a Daemonite of immense power had escaped from the fallen piece of the Stormwatch ship... Realizing that the only way to get close to the Daemonites was to convince the world he was a villain, Grifter heads off to do just that. This issue ends with Helspont(!!) deciding that he had make Superman an ally of the Daemonites, since Supes was the main threat to Helspont and his band of Daemonites conquering the Earth.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this comic... It was a good, fun read. Midnighter was all sorts of awesome here, as Nathan Edmondson really wrote both Grifter and Midnighter well in this one. Sure, this wasn't Midnighter's comic, but in a fair fight? Grifter has a snowball's chance in Hell at defeating Midnighter, and that's what we got here. It's a shame that Edmondson is getting lifted from this series soon, because he has things finally starting to fall into place, and I can see good things in the future of this series.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
grifter #7
Midnighter is frighteningly awesome.

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