Monday, March 19, 2012

Superboy #7

Moving along, we'll head back to the DCU(and I STILL refuse to call it the DCnU, because that just looks dumb) and Superboy. I've yet to fully warm up to the new Superboy, but maybe this will be the issue my opinion of him changes... I don't know, I need SOMETHING to say in these intros!

Superboy #7:

Summary: Picking up from last issue, Ravager tries to attack Superboy, who had returned to NOWHERE seeking answers to the questions he had about himself. SB pretty much disposes of Ravager with little trouble, but is soon attacked by some of NOWHERE's other goons. SB manages to take those goons down, but is a little worse for wear. Eventually Ravager attacks again, and shoots SB with a gun that apparently fires Kryptonite rays. This weakens SB enough for Ravager to drive a sword through SB's chest, ending his attack. From there, SB is taken to a holding area where his tactile telekinesis is locked down and he is watched over by Templar. This issue ends with Wonder Girl sneaking into NOWHERE's facility and knocking Ravager out, since WG still had a score to settle with SB.

Thoughts: Okay, basically this was a pretty good comic book, with a good fight scene and some interesting reveals(we learned that SB was the second thing NOWHERE had cloned and got a shadowy glimpse of what I'm guessing is NOWHERE's big boss), but with a horrible ending... Why the HELL would the Titans have any interest in SB after how he treated them?! I mean we all know what this is going to lead to, the Titans storm NOWHERE's base, rescue Superboy, who is so grateful he joins up with them. It's funny, I was talking to fellow blogger JW the other day about how DC was going to make SB a Titan, since we ALL know it was going to happen eventually due to the teaser images from before the DC reboot. We were trying to figure out a satisfying way for SB to join the Titans after their battle... Let me tell you, the Titans magically finding NOWHERE's base, and then inexplicably rescuing SB, a proven enemy, is NOT the satisfying way I was hoping for. Oh well, maybe when SB DOES finally join the Titans he'll quit being the jerk he currently is and will be more like the SB from before the reboot... If things shake out like that, I guess I can overlook the nonsensical way it appears SB will wind up becoming a Titan.

Score: 7 out of 10.
superboy #7
HA!! That'll teach him!


  1. OMG, I totally thought about our conversation, so I LOLed when I read this review. I had the same "WTF?" reaction to the ending. First, I love how Lobdell just presents this cop as if we know who she is. I re-read issue #4, and he never mentions her there. But, we're supposed to believe they became so buddy-buddy that he'd entrust Fairchild to her. But, the Cassie part took the cake. I mean, isn't Cassie constantly trying to leave behind the superhero-ing in "Teen Titans?" Why does she suddenly care enough to decide to go seek revenge on Superboy, particularly given how thoroughly he kicked her ass last time? Did she think it would somehow be easier to fight him at his HQ? Because, um, it seems like it would be the opposite. Bizarre. Totally bizarre. But, as I've said, and you say here, I care less about how Superboy becomes a Titan and more about it happening as soon as possible so we can leave behind robot Superboy. Fingers crossed.

  2. HA!! You know, the scene with Fairchild and the cop actually mirrors what Lobdell did with Essence and Jason in Red Hood #7, and I didn't even pick up on it until you mentioned the lack of relationship between the cop/SB/Fairchild... In Red Hood, we know Jason has some sort of relationship with Essence(although on panel they only interact once, briefly), but it's never really established. Same here, as suddenly this cop, who appeared in what, two or three panels prior to this one, is a trusted confidant of SB? When did THAT happen?! I have to say, Lobdell is doing some weird stuff in the books he's writing... Just wait until you get your hands on Teen Titans #7 for further proof!