Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly Comic News for March 3rd!

Hey Todd Squad, it's time again for another edition of Weekly Comic News. before we get started I wanna say Happy Birthday to my girlfriend and frequent commenter, Falisha, as her birthday is today! So, now that I've mentioned that, I'll jump into this week's comic news.

People love a War

This week's news includes the announcement that Avengers vs. X-Men #1 has more pre-orders than any Marvel title since the Civil War. This is pretty big news, as AVX looks to be a potential game changer that has a lot of people, comic fans and not, interested in the upcoming Team Warfare. Speaking of AVX, a variant cover shows that the resident Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, is taking bets on the war with villains such as Red Skull, Loki and Apocalypse. Put me down for 200 bucks on the Avengers, Pool.

DC stands for Dual Covers

DC is going reprint crazy, as they've announced they are doing a fifth reprint for Action Comics #1, a sixth for Detective Comics #1, A fifth for Batman #1, a third for Batman: The Dark Knight, and a second for Batman: The Dark Knight #6, all on March 28th. I can't help but wonder who is buying up all these reprints or what warrants it, but that's not the first time DC has confused the hell out of me.

Ultimate Spider-Friends

On the upcoming Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, we'll see Spidey get help from a few of his fellow heroes. So far we've see he'll be joined by Nova, White Tiger, Power Man, and now, Iron Fist. It was also confirmed that this Iron Fist will in fact be the current Iron Fist, Danny Rand. To read more and see some concept art of Iron Fist's cartoon counterpart, as well as Power Man's and Nova's, click here.

Earth 2 Concepts

 DC Comics chose this week to release concept art of the Trinity, as well as the former Robin and Supergirl of Earth 2, the current Huntress and Power Girl of the DCNU. You can click the name of each character to see the special Earth Two designs of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin and Supergirl.

Avengers Assemble Again!

Luckily we have something big to save this very slow news week, and that's the newest trailer for the Avengers movie, so sit back and enjoy this new, action packed trailer, for Avengers!

Amazing right? Well that's it for me guys, until next time, I'm your favorite blogger not named X-Man75, Jason Todd, signing off.


  1. Awww thanks for the birthday wish hun!!! ^_^ So didn't expect that. Lol.

    AvX: I am soooo excited for this title it seriously doesn't make sense lol. I mean these the best of the best comic book heroes/villains involved. It's going to be bananas!

    DC/Dual Covers: I honestly never understood the whole reprint thing until I really became dedicated to comics. I mean, I used to look for comics and be confused because of the different covers. Didn't know if it was the same comic or not. And to be honest I think that DC only puts out enough copies to fill comic shops and subscribers orders, and then have to "reprint" to make the series seem like it's flying off the shelves. Unless there are folks out there buying em up.

    Ultimate Spidey: I was completely unaware of the new series coming to Disney XD. Pretty excited now that I know. I enjoyed the Spectacular Spider-Man series, so hopefully this is just as good.

    Earth 2: First, I'm sorry but that Supergirl concept piece looks terrible. Like they did in the program "Paint". And why couldn't Bats and Wondy's costumes be colored? I like the concept for the Earth 2 Heroes so far.

    Avengers Assumble: Effin' awesome!

  2. I know I've said it already, but it's worth repeating, happy b-day, Lisha!

    Wow, I am, and am not surprised by the huge pre-orders for AvX... I mean it's two superhero teams duking it out. I doubt it's gonna be REALLY brutal or anything. I don't even know if much will change at the end of it(although I DO have some personal wishes...). On the other hand, it's Marvel's two biggest franchises. Together, facing each other in a summer event... WITH the Avengers movie serving as the backdrop... Plus they went all out with the creative team working on it. Regardless, I am SO looking forward to this event, and as funny as it may seem coming from me, this is probably the most excited I've been for a Marvel event SINCE Civil War! Here's hoping AvX ends up better than Civil War did...

    I actually get why DC is reprinting these comics. If demand is so high that they run through their print run, then sure, why not put out another printing of the comic. It won't ever appreciate in value, but at least people who want to own/read the story will be able to without having to pay like $50 on eBay. What I've never understood were variant covers... That always seemed like such a waste of money to me... Why pay an extra $3-$10 for a fancy cover? It adds nothing to the actual story...

    Ultimate Spidey? I could care less about it, but I WILL make time to watch the Nova episode, because I AM a Nova mark.

    And yeah, I saw that trailer earlier this week(thanks Cap and Movieartman!) and it looks AWESOME!!! The fx in that movie look flat out amazing. If the story is HALF as good as the movie looks this could be an all-time great comic movie right here.

  3. You're welcome Falisha, glad you had a great one :D

    I agree with you two, I am REALLY looking forward to this. I'm pulling for the Avengers personally and I hope big changes do come out of this, and its not just a fight for the sake of a fight.

    I actually agree with Lisha, it sounds like it makes sense for them to print less than needed then reprint and make it seem like they're flying off the shelves faster than they actually are. And I agree X but sometimes those variant covers are SWEEET.

    I'm kinda meh about Ultimate Spidey, if only because they cancelled Spectacular Spidey for it and that show was twelve types of awesome.

    We're all in agreement, Avengers looks AWESOME. Man I can't wait to see that movie, I hope Hawkeye gets some time though because he didn't say one word in that trailer...

  4. I can only hope AVX will be good because the whole Sanction mini just pissed me of too much.

    Huge Spiderman fan but i'm not sure if this will catch my attention, I didn't even like Spectacular much and I always heard good things about it. Maybe if they made the show based on Miles Morales yes then I would be all hyped but since there not I could care less. Oh and LOL at the way Nova looks

    Now I am pumped for Earth 2 for one reason How badass Supes is. It's a Superman that didn't give up because of the death of lois, I mean how can you not be excited?!?

  5. I'll give it a try, only because I didn't give spectacular a try for a long time then finally did and I liked it. Hopefully this is good, I like the inclusion of Iron Fist and Power Man.

    I wanna care but rumor is they all die in the first arc which spawns the JSA, if they stick around id be interested in a more aggressive Trinity.