Thursday, March 15, 2012

Batman and Robin #7

Last review of the night is the first DC comic to be read by me this week. The prior issue of this series ended with a great cliffhanger, now it's a matter of seeing whether Peter Tomasi can build from those final few pages from issue #6.

Batman and Robin #7:

Summary: This issue picks up where the last one left off(duh!), with Nobody torturing Robin while Batman listened. However, some fancy driving gets Bats to Nobody's base(a boat) quicker than Nobody had anticipated. From there we get several pages of a very bloody battle between Nobody and Batman, eventually ending with Bats defeating Nobody. Pissed about the whole, “Torturing his son within an inch of his life” thing, Bats has a momentary lapse in judgment and decides to drown Nobody in the acid bath Nobody eliminated his victims in. Before completing the deed, Bats snaps back to his senses upon seeing Damian and pulls Nobody out of the acid before any real harm is done. With that, Bats checks on Damian and with the boat sinking decides to get the three of them out of the water. While Bats is searching for a way out, Nobody is whispering to Damian that he'd be back to kill them all and that Damian knew what needed to be done... With that, Damian drives his fingers through Nobody's eye-socket(!), apparently killing the villain.

Thoughts: Hey, I have to give kudos to Tomasi, he got me invested in this story big time last issue and he delivered another great issue here. Most of this issue was a fight scene, and it was well put together by Patrick Gleason. The ending here gives us yet another extremely strong cliffhanger, with Damian seemingly murdering Nobody. You'll notice I've used the words “apparently” and “seemingly” when describing Damian's actions, because I'm not sure I buy that Damian actually killed Nobody. I DO think that was his intent, but I can't help but feel that DC will chicken out and have Nobody end up alive with brain damage or something similar. Oh, and one final thing. Why is Bats so angry that one of his villains was trying to murder his son here? Bats is the one putting Damian in harm's way as Robin, so shouldn't he be pointing the finger of blame at himself? Just sayin'... But regardless, after this issue I know I'll be eagerly awaiting the next issue. Again.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.
batman and robin #7
Oooooo, it's on now!!!


  1. Come on X-man after all these years and you still haven't realized: Bruce Wayne is the greatest hypocrite in comic book history.Now that doesn't mean I don't love him for it its just who he is, sometimes i think he doesn't even realize his level of conceitedness and hypocrisy.
    I would go further into this but I'm a little worn out to write a novel on the subject.

    Anyway, i was wondering 2 things 1)Will you be doing a review of Avengers the movie when it comes out 2) Do you read manga? I can't assume to know your tastes but having read your reviews for a while I think there are a few series you would probably enjoy, food for thought.

  2. No, you are absolutely correct, Anon. Bruce IS a huge hypocrite, no doubt. That's why I brought the Damian thing up, because BRUCE was to blame here, no one else, yet naturally he can't/won't see that. Hell, just of the top of my head I can think back to Bats telling Spoiler Robin's(Tim Drake at the time) identity(behind Tim's back), the Tower of Babel mess, and pretty much everything about his relationship with Dick post-1985 or so... All of those actions are things Bruce would hold against other people, but when he does them, it's all good. Bruce has SO many mental issues... But that's what makes him so fun to read about!

    Cool, numbered questions! I love those!
    1) If I see the movie in the theaters(and that's a big if), then I'll definitely be posting my thoughts on the movie. Granted, it won't be an in depth review or anything, but I'd definitely do a post about it. I'll definitely see it when it comes out on DVD, and then I'll do a more in depth review on it, like I did for the Cap, Thor and Red Hood movies.
    2) I don't, never have actually. But that doesn't mean I'm not open to suggestions. I'm always willing to give something a shot, especially if it sounds good. So if you feel like shooting a few recommendations my way, go right ahead!

  3. Well if you're new to manga I would go for Fullmetal Alchemist its probably one of the best manga series i've ever read in term of writing and characters development, it's not as super heroey as Marvel/DC stuff but its not over the top stereotipical manga like dragon ball either.
    Here, if you like you can read the first chapter and make your own early impression of it, but let me tell you it only gets better as you go on.

  4. Thanks Anon. I only have one day off this week(this Sunday), so I saved that link to my favorites so I'd remember to give it a read when I have the time. I figure I should have time to check it out either tomorrow night or sometime Sunday.

  5. great let me know what you think when you get around to it.

  6. Cool, I've got a few reviews to take care of tonight, but I should have some spare time coming to me tomorrow, so I'll def let ya know.

  7. ...I should tell him to read the dialog from left to right, I started reading it and was confused as hell until realized that detail... =)

  8. Ah! Thanks for the heads up, Alien! From the few Japanese translated things I've read, that switch in reading can be kind of jarring. I didn't realize that this story was a direct translation.

  9. Sorry about that, there are better translations somewhere on the web im just not certain where.

  10. No prob. I've read a few right to left translations before, after the first couple of pages, I'm sure it'll be no trouble.

  11. Tomasi won me back last issue, but he lost me again this issue. I just feel like, throughout this arc, he's portrayed Bruce as caring more about Damian as a concept than Damian as, you know, a son. His fight with Morgan is like two siblings squabbling over a toy. I thought Tomasi did a great job with Dick and Damian's relationship in the DCU, but I'm just not liking what he's doing with Bruce and Damian here. This title is on notice for me.

  12. "His fight with Morgan is like two siblings squabbling over a toy." That's an interesting observation, JW... Was Bruce angry that Nobody had kidnapped and was torturing his son, or was he angry that Nobody had kidnapped and was torturing his sidekick? Bruce has always had that cold way about him(same as Damian) which is why I was wondering how the Bruce/Damian dynamic would work... Dick/Damian worked so well because Dick obviously cared about Damian as a person. We really don't know if Bruce cares about Damian as a person or simply as a soldier. I'm betting the next issue should go a long way in showing us just what Bruce thinks of Damian, especially in light of Damian's actions to close this issue out. Does he treat him as a son who erred, or as a soldier who failed?