Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, Vampire #5

Only two more reviews to go! Ol' X is in the homestretch now! Let's get this issue taken care of so I can get to issue #6 and get myself all caught up!

I, Vampire #5:

Summary: Some of Mary's vampires kill a few people in Gotham City, which sends Andrew, John and Tig to the scene of the crime. Andrew decides to take a closer look and mists away, rematerializing on a rooftop where he naturally runs afoul Batman. Bats attacks Andrew and before the fight can get good, the two are discovered at which time both pull the old disappearing act in a cute scene. Andrew hooks back up with Tig and John, while Bats watches from afar and sends their images back to Alfred to dig up some info on them. After some hunting, Andrew can sense Mary in the old Gotham City Court House, and proceeds to enter the building with his posse. Bats confronts the trio and demands answers as to what Andrew is. John, once again tries to play peacemaker, while Tig tries to convince Bats to kill Andrew(huh?). Ultimately Andrew proves to Bats that he's not the bad guy by sneaking up on Bats with a sword, showing that he could have killed Bats, but chose not to. Now having an uneasy truce, Bats reveals that dozens of people had gone missing the past day and a half. Andrew tells Bats that the newly turned vampires could be reverted back to humans if the vampire who sired them(presumably Mary) was killed within 72 hours of the transformation. The quartet head down to the bowels of the building where they are attacked by a horde of angry vampires led by Mary.

Thoughts: Once again, this was a good, strong issue of this series. Really, all five of the issues of this series I've read thus far have been quite good. This series is really one of the hidden gems of the DC reboot. Hell, I'm close to saying this is the best series out of ALL the DC books I'm reading. I mean score-wise, this series has been really consistent, which is a great indicator of how good a writer/creative team on a book is. One thing about this issue before I move on though... Since Batman was a guest star here, and is probably one of the two most popular comic characters out there, why wasn't he actually shown on the cover? Instead we get a little, tiny bat-signal in the background with the words, “Shadow of the Bat!” on the cover... Last issue Constantine guest starred and on the cover it said something to the effect of “Constantine is in this issue!” while showing Constantine ON the cover. You'd think actually showing Bats on the cover(with his name!) would have boosted sales a bit, but what do I know?

Score: 8 out of 10.
i vampire #5
Yeah, this scene was really quite fantastic.

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