Monday, March 5, 2012

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 (August 2011)

Okay, here's a “Retro-Review” that's not all that “retro”... I've been reading through the American Vampire trades and singles in an attempt to catch up to the current issues, so I figured since I'm already reading through the third American Vampire hardcover, I might as well do a review from it. It's actually not from the American Vampire series itself, but a mini-series that sprung from the main series... Go figure.

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1(of 5):

Summary: First things first... This mini-series takes place during WWII... This issue kicks off by showing us who Felicia Book is and what she does... Who she is? The daughter of James Book, who was killed by American Vampire, Skinner Sweet. As for what Felicia does? She kills vampires for the Vassals of the Morning Star(the HUGE Castlevania mark in me LOVES the Morning Star reference fyi). Felicia was going to take a leave of absence from the Vassals after having killed dozens of vampires to track down wild rumors of somebody finding a cure for vampirism... Oh yeah, that's another thing you need to know about Felicia... When she was in her mother's womb, Skinner injected some of his blood into Felicia's mother's abdominal region, corrupting Felicia with some of the vampire taint. Felicia's boss at the Vassals tells her that he had a more promising lead on a vampirism cure, but that the scientist who had been working on it had fallen into the hands of the Nazis. As such, Felicia's boss asks her to go to German-occupied Romania to find the scientist with another Vassal agent by her side, a Cash McCogan. McCogan also wants to find a cure to vampirism due to the fact that his son was born a vampire... I'm blanking on how or why, but I'm sure Skinner Sweet was somehow to blame... This issue ends with Felicia and McCogan deciding to head into Nazi dominated Europe hoping to find the missing scientist and his potential cure.

Thoughts: Ah, this was a VERY promising start to this mini-series! The portrayals of the major characters here(Felicia Book and Cash McCogan) were VERY well done, as is par for the course when it comes to Scott Snyder. On top of that, the story itself looks really strong, although there's really no doubt in my mind as to how this one will end(you KNOW there's either no cure or the two will come tantalizingly close to getting the cure before something tragic occurs)... Still, I AM interested in seeing where this mini goes, and will probably happily polish the next four issues off by the end of the night.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.
american vampire survival of the fittest #1
Yep, that's gonna leave a mark...


  1. men I love this series!! Snyder is a genius, to be honest I never thought that I would like a history involving Vampires but the case is that I'm not only liking the history, this is one of that rare cases were I'm rooting for the bad ones, cuz Skinner isn't a good Vampire or even an antihero he is bad and I love that,

    and if you didn't read the arc where Cash McCogan is introduced I recomend you the check that one first, is one of the best storys (altought for me there isn't a bad arc o single issue in this series yet)

  2. I didn't notice the first time I reed your review but you got Felicia's vampirism wrong...

    I'm not sure if I should tell you for the spoilers, but I think that you must had read that part already, you tell me..

  3. The thing about Skinner is that I don't know HOW I feel about him... I mean I don't think I like him(he's done some terrible stuff!), but I don't hate him like I should... It's weird. I'm still on the fence with him. I feel I should hate him(like the Plutonian in Irredeemable) but I don't...

    I know I read the arc with McCogan, I'm just blanking on the details. I know Skinner stuck his wife with some of his blood(I think after Skinner was wounded). I distinctly remember a scene where McCogan is walking along with the baby on his back.

    Hmm, I know Felicia is the daughter of James Book, who was turned by Skinner... But I'm blanking on her form of Vampirism. I know she can track them(which is why they didn't want her taking the cure), but I'm not remembering much else about it. If you want to fill me in, go right ahead, Alien.

    1. ah, ok so you aren'y that wrong then...
      Skinner semi-converted Book, and after that Book implores to Camino's daughter (Abilena Camino) to kill him, she agrees but in exchange she ask him to fathering her child before she kills him, and for that reason Felicia has some vampire blood in her...

      Ha! I dont know but Skinner got me rooting for him since the first issue, I Know he has done some awfull stuff but I still think he is the main atraction in this series and I want him to (at least) survive in every confrotation...
      I also like Pearl Jones character and I'm waiting for the story to came back to her at some point..

  4. The new Jay Garrick from Earth two WTF!!! they are Locos, either Didio or Robinson are into drugs

  5. Yes, I remember Skinner finally getting Book and then Book fathering Felicia before Camino's daughter did him in. I recall her whole thing about wanting something to remember him by. Same here with Skinner! He's somebody I KNOW I should hate, but just don't... Pearl is another really good character. This series(and his Detective run) really goes to show you how strong Snyder is with the way he gives his characters depth.

    Wow... I don't even know what to say about that pic of Jay... It's weird, seeing as that DC is SO damn obsessed with their Silver and Gold Ages, you'd think they'd have left Jay's design untouched, and yet they decided to make him look awful... Kudos for that, DC...