Sunday, March 25, 2012

Supergirl #7

Well, seeing as that the last comic I reviewed came away with a ZERO, there's no way this comic can be any worse!

Supergirl #7:

Summary: The four Worldkillers attack Supergirl in Manhattan, which the Worldkillers had managed to close off from the rest of the world with a Kryptonian forcefield. The Worldkillers basically have their way with Supergirl, until Reign(the leader of the Worldkillers) let's it slip that only a Worldkiller can defeat another Worldkiller. Realizing that Reign meant that literally, SG manages to get one Worldkiller to stab another, severely injuring it. With that, Reign calls the battle to an end and has the other three Worldkillers teleported to their ship to take care of the injured Worldkiller. Reign tells SG that the Worldkillers, much like Frosty the Snowman, would be back again someday. Before teleporting away, Reign tells Supergirl that there is a mystery fifth Worldkiller out there somewhere... With that, Reign and the Worldkillers are gone and SG has saved New York.

Thoughts: Meh. This issue was alright and all, but that's about it. I kind of expected more here... I mean out of the DC books I read, this one is regularly one of my monthly favorites. Basically Reign told Supergirl HOW to defeat her team, and then when ONE of the Worldkillers were injured, she quit the battle. Why not simply send the injured Worldkiller and one other Worldkiller away, a tactic that would have left a tired SG still outnumbered 2 to 1. Or hell, why not send the other three Worldkillers away, since Reign had already proven that she could defeat Supergirl on her own? That way, there wouldn't be another Worldkiller around Reign, thus guaranteeing her victory... On top of all of those little logic gaps, where the hell were the other heroes? I know Reign said last issue that she had sealed NYC off while the JL was away(or something to that effect), but you're telling me there wasn't a single other hero somewhere in Manhattan who could have teamed with SG? After a slew of really good issues, this one was definitely a bit of a misfire, but that's okay, as long as Michael Green and Mike Johnson right the ship(which I'm confident they will) next issue.

Score: 6 out of 10.
supergirl #7
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