Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, Vampire #6

Hot damn, I did it! After this review I'll have read and reviewed 6 I, Vampire comic books in a single night, a feat I haven't done since WAAAAY back in my Nightwing days when this blog was just getting off the ground and I'd stay awake all hours of the night typing out Nightwing reviews. But enough about the past, let's get this final review taken care of so I can FINALLY rest!

I, Vampire #6:

Summary: While Batman, Tig and John try to stay alive fighting Mary's newly created vampire army, Andrew is surveying the scene, looking for the vampire who created the horde, since he knew killing that vampire would free the newly turned vampires of their curse. Eventually Andrew figures out which vampire was responsible for siring the others, a young boy. Andrew moves in to kill the child vampire, but is halted by Batman, who is still trying to operate under his whole, “NO killing!” mantra, even amidst a horde of angry vampires. Being faster and having a multitude of powers allows Andrew to get past Bats at which time he kills the vampire kid, freeing the people the child had turned. However, not all of the people change back, since some were Mary's own vampires, and as such were way stronger. Andrew wades into Mary's vampires and starts killing them, at which time Bats tells Tig and John to take the confused humans out of the area. While heralding the people to safety, John tells a confused Tig that killing the sire of a vampire freed that vampire from the curse. Tig takes off before John can finish by telling Tig that trick only works if you kill the sire within 72 hours of the vampire being turned... Back at the battle, Mary taunts Batman, while Andrew tries to take out as many of Mary's vampires as possible. Unfortunately for Andrew, Tig sneaks up from behind him and stakes him, figuring that would cure Mary and all of the vampires she had created... Idiot... For some reason, killing Andrew unleashes an ancient vampire named Cain, the apparent sire of all vampires.

Thoughts: Damn that stupid Tig! See, I told you she was nothing but damned trouble! Now I really DO hope she winds up as a vampire's snack! I have to say this, the ending here TOTALLY took me by surprise! I mean it sure looks like Andrew had died(although I kind of remember reading in one of the earlier issues that a vampire as old as Andrew could only be killed if he wanted to die), which would make Mary the star of this series... I guess? It seems pretty obvious that Cain(DC sure likes that name...) is going to be evil, as is Mary, and I doubt evil vampires are going to be the stars of a comic(although I guess Scott Snyder is proving me wrong there with “American Vampire”), which means Andrew will inevitably return to life, more than likely by the end of the upcoming Rise of the Vampires crossover. Whether Andrew comes back or not, I have to admit that this was my least favorite issue of this series... The ending, while surprising, managed to annoy me, which is a good way to get me to give out a mediocre to bad score. Oh well, here's hoping things pick back up again with issue #7... As for me, I am FINALLY done with my I, Vampire reviews tonight! Huzzah!!

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
i vampire #6


  1. Yaaaaay you finally got around to read and enjoy for the most part!!! Glad to see the series has a solid 8 for the most part minus a couple issues, including this one. I absolutely LOVE Mary!!! She's such a bitch Lol. From the moment Tig popped up I didn't like her. She seemed so off to me, trouble maker if you will. And when she stabbed Andrew I was PISSED!!! I cannot wait until the next issue.

    Before I go, was it me or did it seem pointless to have Bats in the series? Lol. It just seemed...weird that he accepted Andrew so fast and off to help save the day. Meh maybe it was just me.

  2. OK, this maybe will be SPOILER so read it if you want (in reference of Andrews death)




    As I told you some time ago, Lemire will be writing JLD from isue 9 and judging for the solicits and covers Andrew will be part of the team

  3. HA!! Lisha, what you said about Batman? I swear, that's the EXACT thing my sister said! It's eeiry!! After she read all six issues and gave them back to me I asked how they were and she said they were good, but that she didn't get why Batman was there! That's awesome! I didn't really mind Bats popping up per se, I was more annoyed by the fact that DC didn't really advertise that Batman was IN issues 5 & 6! He's Batman! DC's biggest draw! They should have had his face plastered all over the cover of these two issues!

    As for these issues, I really enjoyed them. The series as a whole was a strong 8 almost all the way through, which puts it up there with Batman as what is probably my favorite DC series. I also loved Mary! Especially in the first issue. She seemed to have a real argument it did bug me a bit that after the first issue she kind of reverted into your run-of-the-mill super-villain. I felt she could have been an "anti-hero to all vampires" type of figure. As it is, she's just crazy. As for Tig... Ugh... Don't even get me started on her! The moment I saw her I didn't like her because she was such a cliché... And then what she did in THIS issue! Grr... Agreed on the next issue(and JLD since this series is crossing over with that series), I can't wait to see where things go from here.

    I REALLY don't think Andrew is actually dead, Alien. I think I found a backdoor for Fialkov to fix his "death" a few issues back, plus since he's kind of the star of the book, it seems like a bad idea to kill him off! :P For the record, I'd be fine with him pulling double duty and being in this series AND JLD.

  4. Great minds think alike X!!!! I knew he would be popping up, but when he did....it was one of those moments I sat there like, wth? And he really didn't serve much purpose in my opinion, lol. Just seemed like he ran behind Andrew backing him up and that just doesn't seem like Bats at all. Bats is always the front runner ready to take down crime. Meh, maybe I'm over thinking it.

    I agree with you about Mary. If she would've became the Jason Todd of Vampires, that would've made the series 100 times better, lol. But the parts she's playing so far is pretty awesome.

    I really hope Tig gets what is coming to her. Oooo she pissed me off so bad with her little stunt. I have yet to read JLD. I'm still a little bitter after the first arc. I figured I'd read JLD when the next I, Vampire comes out. Maybe then JLD wills tart to pick up.

  5. Agreed on Bats. Why WAS he in this series? What did he really add? Yeah, Andrew and MAry had gone to Gotham, but why? Bats didn't bring anything major ot the story... THat's def weird...

    Oh yeah, I def like her and think she's a great character, but I hate that she went from having a legit gripe, to being the basic, "Let's bite everybody!!!" vampire. I think she could have been more.

    Totally agreed! Tig needs a good biting! :P