Saturday, March 24, 2012

X-Factor #233

First up this weekend? How about some X-Factor? Meh, that's what I'll be reviewing anyway, so there's no turning back now...

X-Factor #233:

Summary: Some weird being meets up with Josef Huber(remember him!!) in his secret base to offer to help Josef rid the world of mutants... Meanwhile, Havok and Polaris are running X-Factor smoothly, while working with Valerie Cooper, just to make this issue that much more awesome. Finally, Layla tells Madrox about all of the recent changes that happened with X-Factor(namely the arrivals of Havok and Polaris, as well as the team working for Wolverine on retainer).

Thoughts: Yep, that's as much of a review as I can get done tonight... What? I have an early work day tomorrow! Ol X has to support his comic habit somehow! Even though that review I just did was HORRIBLE, this comic most certainly was not. As usual, Pater David gave us a great story, dropped some legit funny lines here and there, and set up some stuff for the future(the parts with Huber). All in all, really good stuff here.

Score: 8 out of 10.
x-factor #233
Yeah, I found that bottom panel flat out hilarious... What?


  1. You know... doesn't Mr. Josef Huber kind of make everyone's favorite child of god (or a desperate attempt to placate a fanbase that wants more mutants but its writers don't want to deal with writing a lot of good new characters so they just make a mutant jesus instead) anyway i was saying he makes her useless because he can do what she does but he can use all the powers at once and doesn't even pass out after 2 minutes, in fact this guy is such a badass compared to her he has to OD on pills to even get drowsy.
    BTW is Huber a mutant? was that ever explained? why isn't he on cerebra?

  2. That's a great point re: Huber and Our Lord and Savior Hope... Didn't Huber predate Hope too? I honestly can't remember if Huber was a mutant or not(it would make sense if he was) since it's been so long since his last appearance. As for the Cerebra thing, if he is a mutant(and that's a big if), he probably could have duped Forge or Madison Jeffries powers and created something to block Cerebra you'd have to think.

  3. I kind of found this issue to be a bit boring. I mean, compare to the drama we've had with the last couple. But i did love the final panel XD

  4. The final panel was one of those totally random, lol Peter David moments. Thinking back on it, yeah, this issue was definitely a set-up issue... Nothing REALLY happened, but I was happy to see Havok back and doing something again, and was happy to see Madrox alive, so I had no real gripes with this one.

  5. Oldish Review, but I just want to say that him not showing up on Cerebra could just be the fact that Cerebra only tells you about new mutants. He could just register as any of the other mutants, or maybe there's a mutant that can hide itself from Mutant detection tech? (Like Layla did when she was in the future..?)

  6. The more I thought about it, the more I'm sure if ANYBODY could hide themselves from Cerebra, it would be Huber. The guy's tech abilities should be off the charts. If Magneto could hide from Cerebro with a helmet, I'm SURE Huber has a way to hide himself from Cerebra!