Friday, March 16, 2012

X-Men Legacy #263

Last review of the night is the series that is probably my favorite X-title(not named X-Factor), X-Men Legacy. Man, what a difference a writing change can make on a comic series...

X-Men Legacy #263:

Summary: Wolvie's team and Our Lord and Savior Hope's band of brainwashed lackeys team-up to take Exodus down. Even though he is defeated Exodus is kind of smug about it, since he claims that he wasn't defeated until Lord Summers mutants and Wolvie's mutants worked together, thus proving what he had been saying all along, mutantkind needed to be reunited for it's own good. Our Lord and Savior Hope takes Exodus back to Crazy Mutie Island with her, since she claims that Wolvie wouldn't be able to adequately hold a villain of Exodus's power. From there Wolvie's team heads back to the school and Wolvie tells Rogue that after she went behind his back and called Crazy Mutie Island, he wouldn't be able to trust her anymore. Later on, Rachel Grey and Rogue have a heart-to-heart and Rachel tells Rogue that most of the faculty felt Rogue did the right thing... When pressed by Rogue though, Rachel tells Rogue that she felt the only reason Rogue called Crazy Mutie Island was so she could see Magneto again. Rachel basically tells Rogue to figure her feelings regarding Magneto out, before it led to trouble for the school. With that, Rachel takes her leave and Wolvie's team finds itself a pretty splintered group.

Thoughts: Eh, not bad. Naturally, my enjoyment of this issue was hurt, a lot, by the arrival of Our Lord and Savior Hope... Man, you don't know how badly I'm hoping the events of AvX leads to Hope going away... Forever! Regardless, Christos Gage did a great job of fracturing the members of Wolverine's faculty here, which will undoubtedly lead to some good storytelling down the road.

Score: 7 out of 10.
x-men legacy #263
I also hate stabbing people who agree with me... But sometimes I just have no choice...


  1. Personally I was a bit dissapointed by what happened in the fight here, and those other young mutants that work for Fuhrer Cyclops shouldn't blame the X-men for the handywork of Yost. How could anyone have stopped a writer with a taste for mass murder.

  2. "How could anyone have stopped a writer with a taste for mass murder." HA!!!! That line ruled all!!! It's both funny AND true! There IS no stopping a writer who disguises his own shortcomings by killing everything in sight! As for the fight here, it went down the way I expected it to. You had to know Our Lord and Savior Hope was going to be instrumental in defeating Exodus. I got a kick out of the fact that she took Exodus with her, which made Wolvie look even worse. It was like, "Not only did we have to beat your bad guy, we're taking him with us because you can't hold him!" Yeah, I really Hope gets what's coming to her sometime soon...

  3. Of the four core titles I read (UXM, WatXM, X-Men, and this one), it's the only one I don't regularly wonder why I'm getting. It's definitely the best of the bunch.

  4. Yeah, out of that lot, I'd obviously have to go with Legacy too. I mean I dropped two of those four books, so yeah, Legacy, hands down.