Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wolverine #302

Ugh, it's Wolverine. Just what I didn't want to see after a LOOOONG day. Oh well, let's get this one over with as quick and painless as possible.

Wolverine #302:

Summary: While Wolverine is being tormented by visions that he was back in Hell thanks to the gas the Hand ninjas had pumped into the cave, Yukio manages to take out a few ninjas before going into hiding. Meanwhile, Hand leader Goda reveals to the new Silver Samurai that his girlfriend Amiko had snuck into the Hand caves and that he was going to have her killed... Unless the Samurai gave Goda what he wanted. Wolverine escapes the gas's effect by allowing his mind to devolve into that of his berserker self, at which time he kills a mess of ninjas. Since their inner sanctum had been comprised, Goda and Sabretooth escape, while the Samurai saves Amiko. As for Wolvie, he has sex with Yukio... Or does he?!? In actuality, he slept with Mystique, who wanted to see if her powers were strong enough to trick Wolverine in such an intimate setting. I'm pretty sure something will come of that scene sometime down the road. Back in the States, Kingpin has heard about Goda's antics and sends that weird assassin Deathstrike to Japan to kill him. This issue ends with Amiko learning that the Samurai had betrayed his entire family to Goda by providing Goda with the ancestral loot of the Clan Yashida.

Thoughts: This was a surprisingly good comic! Really, for a series that had tons of characters I normally loathe in it, the story here was way better than I could have hoped for! Go figure. The next issue is the conclusion to this Wolvie goes to Japan: Part 500 storyline, and I'm not quite sure what's left to accomplish... Wolvie defeated the Hand, and the villains escaped. It seems like this story could have gone on the back burner for a few issues, but I guess Jason Aaron wants to polish it off now. Here's hoping the next issue is as good as(or better!) this one was.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
wolverine #302
I literally just flipped to a random page in this comic and got this... Sometimes it's that simple...


  1. Mystique having a kid with Wolverine would be a fun storyline, imagine a Daken-like character with Mystique's powers. WOOOOO

  2. What are you doing commenting here today!? Shouldn't you be out painting the town red(heh heh) to celebrate your big day?! :D

    Exactly what I'm expecting, mi amigo. The only hurdle would be getting the kid to a proper age(16+) for him/her to actually have a role somewhere... But I'm sure Aaron has a plan for aging the kid if that is the direction this is going in.

  3. If that does happen I assume we won't hear about it for a couple a months obviously but after that if the child is a mutant (after house of M you never know) Hope and her band of mind zombies are gonna probably try to recruit it, which of course means it living in utopia which spells out Logan vs Cyclops part 2. Honestly if this is whats actually happen theres so many ways this could go.

  4. That's a great point, Anon... With Hope the self-proclaimed Mutant Messiah and all, she would know if another mutants was born, and there's a great chance Wolvie and Mystique's kid would be born a mutant, since we know Nightcrawler was and possibly Mystique herself. That would mean that upon the kid's birth, Hope would be after him/her, and once Wolvie finds out, your right, you KNOW he'd be heading back to Crazy Mutie Island. Naturally that all could change depending on what happens in AvX with Hope, the Phoenix, the Scarlet Witch, etc, but regardless, it's an intriguing situation.