Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, Vampire #1

Okay X-Maniacs, X here with a rather ambitious project scheduled for tonight... See, thanks to my good friend, blog collaborator and noted madman, JT, I finally received a copy of I, Vampire #2. As such, I was able to get I, Vampire #3-6 from the comic shop last Wednesday(well, actually #2 as well, but let's disregard that for now...). Lisha, whose opinion is one that I value highly, since we're pretty simpatico with our comic related views, told me the I, Vampire books were really good. On top of that, my sister, who is an even harsher comic critic than I am(imagine THAT!), recommended that I read the I, Vampire books sooner rather than later(which is HUGE praise coming from her), since she read them before I did due to my ungodly work schedule. All of that leads us to tonight. I am going to try to read and review ALL six I, Vampire books, in one sitting! And yes, I'm going to re-read and re-review I, Vampire #1, because I'll be damned if I remember what happened in that comic after 5 months and a zillion other comics. So here we go, first review of the night? I, Vampire #1.

I, Vampire #1:

Summary: Since I DID already do a review for this comic before, I'm gonna stick with the basics here. You have two vampires, Andrew and Mary. Andrew turned(or, in vampire lingo, sired) Mary several hundred years ago, and the two have more or less kept away from humanity. However, Mary has gotten sick and tired of watching aliens and other assorted superhumans make a play for the Earth, and wants vampires to be the dominate species. Andrew couldn't disagree more and feels that the best bet for vampire-kind(“vampire-kind”? Really, X?) is to live off the blood of cows and blood packs. This issue shows us the two having their big disagreement and ends with Mary sending loose a horde of vampires she had created behind Andrew's back to attack several cities.

Thoughts: Huh, I really enjoyed this issue. Like a lot! I'm REALLY curious to take a peek at what I scored this one back when I first reviewed it... Anyway, this was a great scene-setting issue, that brings us the two opposing forces in vampire-kind, the pacifist Andrew, and the warlike Mary. Both make good arguments as to why their way is the right way(I can't help but agree with Mary when she asks why leave the Earth to aliens and the like), and all in all this issue was interesting. Now, I don't know how long Joshua Hale Fialkov can drag the story of Andrew and Mary out for, but I'll sit back and enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10. A quick search of the blog shows that back on October 4th I gave this issue an 8 out of 10, so check that out, five months later and my score is about the same!
i vampire #1
Why are all vampires so damn good-looking nowadays?

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