Sunday, March 18, 2012

Battle Scars #5

First up today is the penultimate issue of the thus far, WAY better than expected Battle Scars mini-series. Last issue ended with a hell of a cliffhanger, let's see what this issue gives us. Oh, and one thing before I get started... Why is the “Shattered Heroes” banner STILL on top of this(and other) Marvel books?! Since most of the major players who “died” during Fear Itself are back and/or on their way back, what's there to be shattered about?

Battle Scars #5(of 6):

Summary: Nick Fury tells Marcus about how he used to work with Marcus's mother during his CIA days. Fury and Marcus's mom apparently did more than just missions and nine months later, Marcus was born. Wanting to protect her from his various enemies(since he had been named SHIELD director by this point), Fury gave Marcus's mom a new identity(as a school teacher) and pledged never to see her again. From there, Fury tells Marcus that an old enemy of his called Orion had been trying to find Fury, since he needed the Infinity Formula in Fury's blood to stay alive, and somehow learned of Marcus's existence, which would explain the bounty on Marcus's head. Hearing all of this, and learning that everything he thought he knew was a lie pisses Marcus off, so he does the only sane thing there is to do, attack Fury. Fury stays on the defensive, at least until he realizes that Orion's agents had followed Marcus, at which time Orion's men storm Fury's safehouse. Fury manages to down a few of them, but they gas the room, knocking Fury and Marcus out. The two wake sometime later, hanging from chains. Being unconscious seems to have brought some clarity to Marcus(wha?), as he tells Fury that he believes his story and probably is Fury's son. At this time Orion is wheeled into the room and has one of his men tear out Marcus's eye, so he'd look more like Fury... HA! Fury manages to get free during that macabre action and shoots a few of Orion's goons. However, some bullets hit the chains holding Marcus up and he takes a long fall into the sewer system below. Eventually Fury is brought down, at which time Orion gives himself a blood transfusion from Fury's blood, restoring himself to his former strength. Since Marcus's body continuously produced samples of the Infinity Formula, Orion sends some of his men into the sewers, hoping to find Marcus alive. The goons find Marcus more than just alive, as this issue ends with Marcus killing the two goons and swearing vengeance on Orion.

Thoughts: This issue was okay. It was a perfectly acceptable comic. We got the reveal out of the way, learned how Marcus came to be, and set the stage for the showdown next issue. Nothing spectacular happened here, but this one was a good read, so we'll simply move on.

Score: 7 out of 10.
battle scars #5
Is it really that easy to pluck somebody's eye out?


  1. I knew it! I Knew It!!!
    This series is just a marvel conspiracy to get a Samuel L Jackson lookalike in the main comic universe, why else would they have this sap's eye taken out.
    I swear to god if Nick Fury dies or even considers going into retirement next issue....

  2. Huh, that thought didn't even cross my mind until you brought it up... I hate to say it, but if that was Marvel's objective here, they did a great job!

  3. Not to toot my horn, but (ahem)...

  4. HA!!! Awesome, TRobb! I totally forgot about you putting that out there. Well, kudos to you!