Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, Vampire #2

Moving along, let's take a look at the second issue of I, Vampire to see if it can keep up the momentum from last issue.

I, Vampire #2:

Summary: This issue shows Mary rallying her “children” and telling them that vampires were the future and humans were simply food(if I ever got into politics, that would SO be my slogan!). From there Mary goes after Andrew and wants to know why he won't join with her forces. Unfortunately for Mary, Andrew is one of those goody-two-shoes vampires who doesn't want to harm anybody. Andrew and Mary have a brief battle, but ultimately Mary leaves Andrew behind and lets him kill a bunch of the vampires she sired, figuring that act would make Andrew that much more hated in the vampire community. Being WAY older and stronger than the other vampires, Andrew manages to fight his way through them, while Mary happily surveys all of the damage her ilk had brought to the world.

Thoughts: Much like the first issue, this was another enjoyable read. Again we see Mary and Andrew state their opposing views of how vampires should live, although in this issue Mary was a bit crazier... Last issue I could kind of agree with her argument since she wasn't simply saying, “Hey, we're vampires! Let's take over the world!” She was saying, “Hey, aliens and superhumans are taking over the world... We've been around longer than they have, why should we remain in the shadows?” This issue Mary was more in line with the first quote than the second. Maybe she was just trying to rally her troops before sending them loose, but her rhetoric was more “crazy vampire” than “angry vampire”. Regardless, I still liked this issue and look forward to the next one, which I'll be reading in a few.

Score: 8 out of 10.
i vampire #2

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