Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Comic Day! March 14th edition

Another late-ish work day makes for another late-ish New Comic Day post... But hey, a late-ish NCD post is better than no NCD post at all, right? I'll answer that one myself, “Right on, X!!!” Yes, I am X and it is indeed Wednesday, meaning that it IS my favorite day of the week(well, besides the rare day I'm off from work...), New Comic Day! Huzzah! With the proper introduction taken care of, let's get right to the books I picked up today. Batman and Robin #7, Grifter #7, Superboy #7, Saga #1(!), Thief of Thieves #2, Avengers #24, Avengers Assemble #1, Battle Scars #5, Captain America #9, Daken: Dark Wolverine #22, Ultimate X-Men #9, Wolverine and the X-Men #7, X-Men Legacy #263, Journey Into Mystery #635. That gives me a grand total of 14 books, which is, as I've stated before, the perfect number of new comic books in a week. Not too many, not too few, just right. This is actually a pretty decent week comic-wise, as there are a lot of books here that I don't hate! I mean yeah, there aren't any books here that I'm absolutely dying to read, but there's only one(maybe two...) that I'm dreading. With that said, this week's Pick of the Litter is a pretty easy choice, it's Saga #1. Anytime Brian K Vaughn starts a new series? I'm there. After Y: The Last Man and Runaways, BKV is one of those writers who I trust implicitly. This week's Runt of the Litter is also really easy, as it's the only comic book almost guaranteed to suck, Avengers #24. On the positive side, this SHOULD be the end of the NORMAN OSBORN SAGA that Bendis has been working on for the last... jeez, like 3 years or so... On the negative side? Everything else about this issue/storyline. Here's hoping Osborn loses decisively and ends up back where he belongs, in Spider-Man's rogue's gallery. With 14 books this week, that's 2 reviews a night for the next 7 nights, which works out perfectly. As for later on tonight(after I've eaten and relaxed a bit with some Mass Effect 3), I'll have reviews for Saga #1 and probably Avengers Assemble #1, just to see if Bendis gives us an Avengers story WITHOUT Norman Osborn in it in some way shape or form. I myself am a bit dubious that he can pull such a feat off, but we'll see... And that'll do it for me. I should have the two aforementioned reviews up a little later on. Until then, X out.


  1. So AvX starts next week i can already feel my wallet crying, how many series have to go back on the reading list and thats not even counting the 50 or so mini series that always pop up during these sort of things...
    damn marvel and their exploitation of me wanting to see the brotherhood of evil mutants defeated.

  2. btw what happened to your random comic book scans you haven't done those in a while.

  3. AvX starts already?! Ugh... Yeah, I feel your pain, as I'll be buying just about everything with the AvX logo on it. Marvel sure does a fine job of bleeding me dry every summer... Oh well. So long as the Brotherhood loses, that's money well spent! :P

    The random scans have been a casualty of my new job... Between work, this blog(which is like a job!) and other things, I really haven't had the time to scan a lot of extra stuff from my collection. Once(if!) I get some spare time I'll def try to get some random pics scanned and posted though.

  4. Awww snap!! It's that time of the week, NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!!!! There were quite a few comic books I was looking forward to getting and glad to see you got few of the same. I have to get caught up so I can finally read Morning Glories. I had the shop order the second trade for me. :) It's going to be awesome!!

    So let's see what reviews I'll be scoping out this week from the awesome X Man: Batman and Robin #7, Saga #1(!), Avengers Assemble #1. i think I'll be saving Avengers Assemble and Saga for last. I'm kind of excited about these two. :) I saw you did the reviews for those two, so I'll make my way over to see what you thought X. :)

  5. Oooo, I LOVED those issues of Morning Glories! The issues after the first trade REALLY got me hooked on the series. I wasn't that big on the first trade, but the next couple of issues? They ruled!

    Check me out, I already did reviews for all of those books! :P