Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter Soldier #3

Last review for the night? Winter Soldier. So far the first three comics I've read this week have been pretty damn good. Here's hoping this comic continues that trend.

Winter Soldier #3:

Summary: Putting together the pieces of the puzzle they've managed to acquire thus far, Nick Fury, Bucky and the Black Widow deduct that Lucia Von Bardas was the one working with Red Ghost, and that she was doing so in an attempt to create a war between the US and Latveria. The Doombot Von Bardas managed to get her hands on would be used by her to attack the US, which in turn would think Doom had sent it in retaliation for the attempted assassination Von Bardas set up against Doom on US soil, which would lead to an all-out war... Huh, that actually explains everything... To prevent this, Bucky and BW have to sneak into Castle Doom and try to convince Doom that Von Bardas was trying to frame him... Yeah, that'll be easy. Anyway, Bucky and BW manage to make it through much of Doom's security, but are eventually discovered and attacked by Doom himself. Doom manages to take both heroes down and recognizes Bucky as, well, as Bucky. With Doom's hands around his throat, Bucky has to try to convince the good doctor why he shouldn't kill him. This issue ends with Von Bardas Doombot waiting in a van outside the UN Building.

Thoughts: First things first, the cover of this issue? Seven different shades of awesome. As for this comic? It too was seven different shades of awesome! I have to say that I really liked that Ed Brubaker actually came right out and told us what was going on, who the bad guys were and what they wanted. The little recap about Von Bardas and her relationships with the US and Doom was a nice, smart touch. I don't know about other people, but I like knowing what's going on in a comic and Brubaker smartly filled us in on everything going on here. Besides that, the Doom/Bucky & BW fight was great. Doom SQUASHED the heroes, as he should have. First off, he's DR. DOOM! He should beat just about anybody! Secondly, Bucky and Widow confronted him in his own castle, giving Doom the home field advantage. So yeah, Doom went over strong here, as he should have. Besides that, the rest of the story is falling nicely into place as Brubaker begins to find his groove in this series... I can't wait to see how much better things get next issue.

Score: 9 out of 10.
winter soldier #3
Woooo, now THAT'S an ass-kicking!


  1. very good!
    and yes the covers for this series are supurb
    he is the artist that will be doing all the art for the Before Watchmen:Rorshach mini

  2. Ah, cool. I didn't know that. But then I hardly know anything about artists, so yeah...