Friday, September 30, 2011

Avengers Academy #19

Awesome, it's my favorite ongoing Avengers series!! Not only is this my favorite Avengers series, it's in the running for my favorite Fear Itself tie-in story, as well as my favorite teen-oriented series! Yeah, I like this series a lot!

Avengers Academy #19(Fear Itself tie-in):

Summary: With the Serpent-possessed Absorbing Man having absorbed the Pym Particle generator that fueled Infinite Avengers Mansion and expanding the Mansion at a rapid rate, the Avengers Academy cadets are faced with a terrible decision... Do nothing and allow the Mansion to grow until it passed through the Microverse and entered the 616 Marvel Universe, where it would destroy a major city due to it's enormous size, or have two students stay behind to detonate the Mansion's self-destruct systems, blowing it up and saving countless lives. Finesse decides that she was going to remain behind to operate the self-destruct systems since she was the only one who understood the computers, and Reptil decides to remain behind to try to distract the Absorbing Man and Serpent-possessed Titania long enough for the other students to escape. Finesse nixes that idea since Reptil didn't have the necessary powers to slow down the Serpent-possessed duo for the time needed. Veil offers to stay, figuring she could turn to mist during the explosion before reforming unharmed, but Finesse nixes that idea as well since the force of the explosion would scatter Veil's mist form to such an extent she'd never be able to reform. Finesse tells Hazmat that it made the most sense for her to stay since Hazmat had shown that she COULD slow down the two villains with her powers. Mettle freaks out at that suggestion, not wanting to see his girlfriend go off on a suicide mission, but Hazmat realizes that Finesse was right, and agrees to stay. With that, Mettle also decides to stay, since he wasn't going to allow Hazmat to die alone. With the Absorbing Man and Titania rapidly approaching, Finesse tells the other three Academy cadets to prepare to leave the Mansion, since they'd have a three second window to jump out of the building before Finesse detonated it. Reptil plants a kiss on Finesse for her valiant sacrifice, while Mettle and Hazmat head into the hallway where they share a kiss as Titania and the Absorbing Man rapidly approach their position. Mettle and Hazmat engage the two villains, and Finesse tells the other three cadets to prepare to jump as she begins to arm the Mansion's self-destruct systems just as the Mansion materializes above Chicago. Right when Finesse was telling the three cadets to jump, Giant Man's hands crash through the wall of the Mansion and knock Titania and Absorbing Man away from Mettle and Hazmat. Quicksilver rushes into the control room and tells Finesse to leave the Mansion since he could set off the self-destruct and still escape the Mansion before it exploded. Giant Man collects Mettle and Hazmat, while Finesse joins the other three cadets and exits the Mansion a split second before Quicksilver blows it up. The explosion doesn't kill Titania and the Absorbing Man, but rather then continue to battle the Avengers and their cadets, they teleport to the Serpent in preparation for the final battle. Giant Man commends his students on a job well done and tells them to grab a hotel room and rest while the Avengers head after the Serpent to finish things up, one way or the other. Veil flips out at how nonchalantly Giant Man, Tigra and the other Avengers are acting about the ordeal the cadets had just been in, what with all of the Nazi killing, running from two Thor-level villains and suicide pacts, and disgustedly quits the Avengers Academy.

Thoughts: Scratch what I said in the introductory paragraph, not only is this the best Avengers comic book, this is probably one of the top three ongoing series I read monthly, and anybody who frequents this blog with any regularity knows that I read A LOT of comic books monthly! I tip my proverbial hat to Christos Gage, Tom Raney, Scott Hanna and the rest of the creative team behind this series, because they deserve it. Seriously, this was a great issue from a great series. I don't often say this, but I'd STRONGLY recommend this series to ANY comic book fan. And as I said, I hardly ever come right out and recommend something here on the blog. But I am openly recommending people to check this series out. There's nothing more for me to do here expect give this comic it's well deserved perfect score and move to the next review.

Score: 10 out of 10.Everything about this issue? Awesome.

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