Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mighty Thor #6

Well, since I just reviewed Journey Into Mystery #628, I might as well stick on my Asgardian kick and check out the latest issue of Thor. Hopefully I'll enjoy it more than I did Journey...

Mighty Thor #6:

Summary: A preacher from Broxton tries to convince Galactus not to attack Asgard, which would lead to widespread destruction, including the destruction of Broxton itself. Galactus ignores the preacher and prepares to attack Asgard when the Silver Surfer arrives on the scene to inform the Big G that the World Tree Seed was no longer in Asgard. Galactus scans the area and realizes that his herald was correct, teleporting into space with the Surfer asking where the Seed had gone. That fat, useless annoyance Volstagg seems to believe that he scared Galactus off, but he's an idiot, so yeah. Thor hunts down Loki upon realizing that Loki had taken the World Tree Seed and demands to know where the Seed had gone. Loki explains that he threw it back to the World Tree, figuring with the Seed gone, Galactus would leave Asgard. Thor comes close to striking Loki, but doesn't, instead he curses at him and leaves. Meanwhile, the Surfer has a philosophical talk with the preacher... Uh-huh... From there the Surfer brings Galactus and the preacher to Asgard to try to make a truce between Galactus and the Asgardians. With the Seed lost for now, the Surfer tells Galactus that he'd stay on Earth to make sure nobody disturbed the Seed, and that when the Asgardians died, the Surfer would summon Galactus back to Earth where he could finally feed upon it. Galactus doesn't like that idea since he'd be without a herald, so the Surfer volunteers the preacher. Odin seems fine with this truce, so Galactus strips the Surfer of his metallic hide and imbues the preacher with the power cosmic, leaving the Earth with him. From there, Thor heads to Loki to apologize for his harsh earlier actions and that's about it.

Thoughts: Meh. This issue didn't do anything for me. I HATE when the Surfer is reverted back to his “normal” form... The whole appeal of him is that he surfs the spaceways on a frigging surfboard! Not hangs out in Asgard protecting a Seed! Plus the truce between the Asgardians and Galactus was kind of like Matt Fraction taking the easy way out here... Instead of having Galactus OR the Asgardians win, it was a draw, and nobody likes draws, least of all me! On top of that. what the hell was with the preacher becoming a herald of Galactus?! Yeah, I bet THAT'S going to last... Finally, where the hell were all of Earth's other heroes? I mean shouldn't the FF have been somewhat disturbed by Galactus battling Asgardians above Earth or strolling around Oklahoma? Add Volstagg to the equation and this was definitely my least favorite issue of this series. On a positive note, I did like the art. The few battle scenes that we did have were bright and epic looking, exactly as you'd expect from a battle between forces like Galactus and the Asgardians.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Um, he didn't answer the question...

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