Sunday, September 25, 2011

Heroes for Hire #12

Next up is the final issue of Heroes for Hire... Do you have any idea how many times this series has been canceled? If you count the old Power Man and Iron Fist series(which actually wasn't CALLED Heroes for Hire although that's where the concept originated), this was the forth time this series was canned. Besides a relaunch with Bendis and Bagley as the creative team, I don't think there's any way this series would ever last past 12 issues, but I'm sure in 7 years we'll get another H4H series. And you know what? Provided I'm still alive, I'm sure I'll be picking up that first issue!

Heroes for Hire #12:

Summary: Misty Knight sends Moon Knight loose in Los Angeles to get some information on the Atlantian drug Hook's East Coast connections. Moon Knight ends up beating the info out of some drug pushers and Misty contacts Paladin and Silver Sable, sending them into a warehouse in New York where some dealers were working on the drug. This attack scares some of the Hook dealer bigwigs, who decide to hop into a boat to escape. Misty manages to intercept the dealer's cell phone communications and tells Paladin to pursue. Paladin tells Misty that he wouldn't be able to reach the boat before it gets into the open sea, so Misty contacts Stingray, who attacks the boat and disables it. At this time, Namor emerges from the ocean and demands to know what was going on. Stingray hands Namor a communicator and Misty tells Namor that she was trying to take down the Hook dealers, who were, by the way, getting their product from New Atlantis. Namor is infuriated to hear this and promises Misty that he'd shut down the Hook dealers under the sea since he didn't want his citizens getting anymore of a bad name on the surface. With that, Misty kicks back and relaxes since having Namor involved with the Hook dealings was sure to put an end to it. This issue ends with Misty and Paladin heading up to the rooftop of Misty's base chilling out and talking about expanding their business.

Thoughts: Well, I didn't pick this series up from the beginning(I picked up the first issue, missed a few issues and then got back into the series again), but overall this was a good little series. It was definitely hurt by the Fear Itself tie-in issues, which interrupted the flow of this series. It's actually kind of weird that Marvel bothered to do a Fear Itself tie-in with this series since they had to know around the time the Fear Itself x-over stuff began that this series days were numbered. If it was getting canned anyway, why bother trying to raise sales with the Fear Itself stuff? Eh, whatever. This issue was a nice little look at this series, and showed how Misty could/should be written as Marvel's answer to Oracle, especially now that DC did away with the Oracle character. Here's hoping Misty Knight and Paladin pop up elsewhere some time soon.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.It's a random scan of Namor!


  1. pretty much my thoughts on this issue and the series over all. especially in regards the Fear It's Self tie-in. but as far as the issue goes i would have given it a 8 1/2. by the way the art work was crappy too for the Fear It's Self ties ins. it reminded me of the caricature art you find in MAD magazine which is fine if it's in MAD magazine.

  2. Score-wise, I was torn between 7 1/2 and an 8. Usually when that happens I'll err on the side of caution and go with the lower score, so I can absolutely see the merits of going 8 1/2 here. Considering the series was going to be canceled, I honestly have NO clue why this series got dragged into Fear Itself. Marvel should have just let DnA do whatever they wanted to close out the series as opposed to getting sucked into the FI storyline... Especially since this series didn't even deal with any of the main threats from FI!