Thursday, September 29, 2011

Journey Into Mystery #628

Ah, now here's a series I've been enjoying since the Fear Itself tie-in issues began, which is the opposite of how I feel about MOST Fear Itself tie-ins! I've enjoyed following Loki as he clandestinely organized a strike force against the Serpent, and with Fear Itself ending in a few short weeks, this issue should finally reveal the full breadth of Loki's machinations... Or at least that's what I hope!

Journey Into Mystery #628:

Summary: This issue kicks off with Loki and his allies(roll call! The Disir, Tyr, Leah and the Destroyer) managing to breach the Serpent's stronghold, the floating city of Dark Asgard. Loki and company manage to make their way through the Serpent's forces and head towards the Serpent's library, luckily only running into some of the Serpent's lesser minions. The group manage to enter the library, where Loki and Leah go and look for a book of some importance while the rest of Loki's group barricade the doorway and attack the forces that try to enter. Loki and Leah manage to find the book, and Loki reveals that the piece of Surtur's sword he received from Surtur was actually a magical pen?!

Thoughts: Um, okay... For whatever reason, I never really managed to get into this comic. I was a bit annoyed that none of the Worthy, who should have been by the Serpent's side on Dark Asgard, confronted Loki and company once the Serpent's goons set off the alarm. I guess the Serpent was THAT confident that he didn't care someone had breached Dark Asgard? I don't know. Plus this issue strongly focused on the Disir, who I really could care less about. Eh, hopefully this issue was just a blip and the next issue will be on par with the prior couple of issues.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Wow, those are some UGLY buggers!

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