Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Mutants #31

The first review of the new comic week? My Pick of the Litter, New Mutants #31. And why is that particular comic my Pick for this week? Because Nate Grey is a member of the New Mutants! And yes, that's all the reason I needed.

New Mutants #31(Fear Itself tie-in):

Summary: We actually get some backstory between Odin and the Serpent from WAY back when Odin first faced and defeated the Serpent and his hordes. You see, Moonstar was swallowed whole by one of the Serpent's dead henchmen in Hel, and was for some reason getting glimpses of the dead henchman's memories. Meanwhile, Magma, Nate Grey, Sunspot, Warlock and Doug Ramsay arrive in Hel thanks to Mephisto. The quartet immediately see a battle between the Serpent's dead henchmen and Hela's hordes. Bottom line? Hela's hordes aren't doing very well. The New Mutants rush into the fray and attack the Serpent's minions, and Moonstar cuts her way out of the Serpent's henchman to join the battle on the side of the New Mutants and Hela's dwindling forces. Realizing that they were being overwhelmed, Moonstar tells the New Mutants to retreat back to Hela's palace where they could fortify themselves and hopefully find Hela. Upon arriving at Hela's palace, Moonstar discovers Hela impaled on one of the palace's spires.

Thoughts: Well, on the plus side, Nate was in the comic. On the negative side, I really don't care for this storyline... But hey, I'm NOT going to complain because of the fact that Nate was doing stuff in this issue. Am I biased? Hell yes I am! Gimme a sucky storyline with Nate sword-fighting some fools and complaining about Sunspot and I'm happy. See, I AM easy to please! But seriously, here's hoping this storyline ends next issue...

Score: 7 out of 10.Hell, so long as Nate is in this comic, I'm a happy camper!


  1. Word. Nate is the best thing about this comic, and I hope we actaully get to see more of him after this arc ends. I totally agree that this arc has been meh, but, compared to the other "Fear Itself" titles, "meh" is awesome!

  2. Nate makes everything better! I'm all for renaming this series X-Man and the New Mutants, but I am kind of biased obviously. :P