Friday, September 23, 2011

Catwoman #1

Here's a title I picked up based solely on the writer. I've always been a HUGE fan of Judd Winick's work, and if not for him being the writer here, I'm not sure if I'd be all that interested in reading a Catwoman solo series. As such, this is one of those series I'd be willing to drop if it doesn't wow me within the first three months...

Catwoman #1:

What Happened: This issue begins with some goons breaking into Catwoman's apartment and blowing it up. Catwoman, who managed to escape with her cats just before the goons entered, is obviously a bit perturbed by that turn of events and heads to a friend of hers for some information on a place to stay as well as any jobs to rake in some money. CW's friend tells CW about a penthouse apartment that would be vacant for two weeks, as well as a meeting of drunken Russian mobsters where CW may overhear some juicy info. CW goes to the meeting in disguise, hears about a painting that she could steal and sell to the mobsters for big money before running across some man from her past(I think?) who was supposed to be locked up. CW confronts the man in the restroom and beats the ever-loving hell out of him before escaping from the angry Russians. She goes back to the penthouse where Batman is waiting for her. Bats wants to know why her apartment was blown up, but instead of answering CW gets frisky and the two wind up getting intimate on the floor.

The Good: I like the way Winick portrayed Catwoman here. The mystery of CW's apartment being destroyed could have some legs.

The Bad: The flashback scene didn't tell us who this Russian guy was or why Catwoman hated him... Did he shoot her friend? Sister? Mother? Who knows. Surprisingly, the story wasn't particularly interesting. Catwoman and Bats being an item with no backstory kind of annoys me.

The Verdict: And the above average comic reading streak comes to an end at 8... This wasn't a horrible comic or anything, it just didn't hold my attention. It was just a bunch of loosely connected stuff. Oh look, CW's apartment blew up. Oh look, CW's in disguise beating some guy up for some reason. Oh look, CW's on top of Bats. Speaking of Bats, I could have done without a Batman appearance here. Having him show up this early in the series takes something away from Catwoman and her story. That's what I liked so much about the Nightwing series, it focused ONLY on Nightwing, not Bats or the other Bat-family members. I'll stick with this series for one more issue, but the clock has begun ticking...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Yeah! Kick that guy's ass for some reason!!


  1. Dude Dude dude this will make u hella happy oneword:SINISTER

  2. Awww bummer. Lol. Was hoping you enjoyed this one. Lol. I haven't read it yet but when I get it from JT next week, I'll be back with some words. :)

  3. Damn... I was all set to drop Uncanny X-Men after the final issue, Movieartman... That image of MR(!). Sinister has just changed my mind!

    Eh, I didn't hate this one, Lisha, but I'll def be interested to see what you and JT thought about it. I'm avoiding JT's blog for fear of spoilers until I'm done reading all of the comics we both read this week, so I don't know what he said about this issue, but me? I felt it could have been better.

  4. Dude... you've reviewed everything I reviewed lol. Schism, Deadpool, Ultimate X-Men, Hood, Nightwing, Batman and Catwoman.:P

  5. Really? Already?! Sweet! Then I'm on my way once I post a review for Iron Man! I don't know why but I thought you also had a review for WW up.

  6. Nope buddy, and I'll be waiting for the email notification.

  7. IM should be up in less than 5 mins, expect me over there in about 10.

  8. Oh movieartman , you know have put a smile in my heart! I'm gonna celebrate this with the "Angel of death by Ozzie Osbourne!
    NOW If Sabretooth returns from Miami, Stryfe & Apocalypse come back I Know what teams I'll be rooting for!
    Also Sinister's suit reminds me of Jack the ripper...
    It's quite strange that Greg Land draws a pretty sweet Nathaniel Essex & En Sabah Nur but his other characters especially the women look hideous, Not Igor Kordey or Quietly hideous but still...

    Another question , would anyone mind if Dark Beast & Sugar-man do team-up in District X? I have a germ of an Idea & my greatest x-men fanart yet to complete!

  9. Since you didn't "Hate" this issue, lol, will you be giving it another issue to see whether or not it'll keep ya interested?

  10. A Dark Beast/Sugar Man team-up would not only be welcome, but something that should have happened WAY more often in the Marvel U!

    Yep, I'm giving this series at least one more issue, probably two, Lisha. I figure if after 3 issues I'm still not sold, it's time to say good-bye.