Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Legion Lost #1

Last call! With the posting of this review I am officially done with my new comic pile from last week, which is good, since I'll be picking up a whole mess of new comics tomorrow... It's the neverending comic book circle of life!!

Legion Lost #1:

What Happened: Some villain from the future named Alastor has taken a Time Bubble and headed to the past(our present) to release some sort of disease/virus/something. A bunch of Legionaries have followed him hoping to halt his biological attack, but arrive 30 hours after Alastor did, giving Alastor plenty of time to do what he had planned. The Legionaries split up with one(Timberwolf) going after Alastor while the rest work on fixing their Time Bubble, which was damaged when they arrived. Timberwolf captures Alastor and the rest of the crew fix up the Bubble by using parts from Alastor's discarded Bubble. The Legionaries load Alastor onto the Bubble and prepare to head back to the future, but are surprised by an attack by Alastor which destroys the Bubble, apparently kills two Legionaries, seemingly allows Alastor to escape AND strands the Legionaries in the past.

The Good: The story was extremely fast-moving and engaging. Timberwolf(possibly my favorite Legionaries) was a member of this team. The villain of the piece, Alastor, seems to be more complex than your basic super-villain. I could care less about the two Legionaries who “died”(Gates and Chameleon Girl) since they weren't a part of my beloved Threeboot Legion.

The Bad: Besides Timberwolf, I have zero interest in this grouping of Legionaries. It's like they tossed all of their garbage into the Time Bubble and sent it into the past. There were too many characters here to get a feel for who was whom, what each character could do and why I should care. This must have been a nightmare read for anybody completely new to the Legion.

The Verdict: This was a solid first issue. It had it's faults, but overall I liked it. I think the team as is is UBER-weak, but at least I get Timberwolf here. He just has a lot of work to do to keep me interested. I'm not sure where this comic book can go, the Legionaries are stuck in the past... Okay, now what? But I'll definitely be sticking around to see what happens next.

Score: 7 out of 10.Timberwolf? Great. Everybody else? Not so much...


  1. "This must have been a nightmare read for anybody completely new to the Legion"

    when I read this I raise my hand..
    But I pick up this comics becasue a wanted to like me, so I'm stickin to this one two

  2. HA! That's the FIRST thing I thought when I finished this comic, Alien... That it was probably nearly impossible to understand for any Legion newbies! Hopefully with the main story set up(the Legion members are trapped in the past), the next few issues will get more into the main characters.