Friday, September 30, 2011

Voodoo #1

Here's a DC series I picked up at my sister's request, since she was a fan of the old WildCATS series. For the record, I know NOTHING about Voodoo, so this is all completely new to me!

Voodoo #1:

What Happened: We find two agents(we never learn for what agency) watching a stripper named Voodoo preforming at a(where else?) strip club. They have orders to keep an eye on Voodoo, but the female agent gets tired of watching her male counterpart ogle the strippers so she leaves. The male agent manages to get a private room with Voodoo where he tells her he believed she was a shapeshifting alien with some low-level telepathy. He tells Voodoo to come with him peacefully before his agency takes her down by force. Voodoo looks into the agent's mind and doesn't like what she sees, at which point she slaughters him in her alien form. From there, Voodoo quits her job at the club, walks outside, shifts into the form of the male agent and calls the female agent up.

The Good: The story was well-paced and was a quick read. Voodoo seems like an interesting character. Ron Marz is the writer and I'm a huge fan of his work. The cliffhanger left me intrigued.

The Bad: How many sneaky government agents are running around in the new DCU!? It seems there's a secret government agency in almost half of the rebooted DC books! We really don't learn anything about Voodoo, although I'm sure that will be dealt with the next few issues. The male agent's actions didn't make a lot of sense as he placed himself in an insane amount of danger.

The Verdict: Even if I wasn't obligated to buy this comic for my sister, I'd definitely be sticking around for the next issue(s). The story wasn't great, but it was interesting. So while this wasn't one of my favorite rebooted DC titles, it was good enough to get me to come back for more next month, which is the important thing.

Score: 7 out of 10.Um, yuck.


  1. Finally!!! Lol. Okay, where do I begin. I will say this I was shocked as hell after I read this comic. I did NOT see her transformation coming at all. I felt the beginning was a lil slow to me. But I do agree it was a quick read, before I knew it I was done with the issue, sitting there shocked, lol.

    Lol @ sneaky government agents. And maybe it's because I've seen my fair share of secret agent movies/shows but I figured something was going to happen to him, lol. It's like why even go with what you KNOW is an alien in a secluded room to "talk" her into turning herself in. I'm sorry but I would've been talking to her while getting a lap dance in front of EVERYONE lol. That way I KNOW I will live for the moment.

    I can't wait to see what happens next. This is something I'll be sticking with unlike I, Vampire. :-|

    Oh and tell ya sis she's awesome for getting you to read this. lol.

  2. Lisha, I NEVER saw that transformation coming either! I had NO idea Voodoo was some kind of alien! That totally took me by surprise too! But yeah, once the female agent left the strip club the story really rolled along quickly.

    "It's like why even go with what you KNOW is an alien in a secluded room to "talk" her into turning herself in." HA!! Thank you! That was SO dumb!! So he thinks she's a shapeshifting, telepathic alien, and he decides his best move is to go into a room, ALONE, with her and get a lap dance while trying to convince her to turn herself in?! That dude deserved what he got for being that damn stupid!

    So you didn't like I, Vampire I take it? Well, at least that's near the bottom of my pile! :P And I can't tell my siter that, she'll get a big head! :P