Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #5

While probably not the most popular choice for my next review, this was a comic that I didn't want to put off reading too much longer because besides Iron Man, it's been the best written Fear Itself tie-in. So while I may be the only one who winds up reading this review, I know I'll enjoy typing it up.

Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #5(of 6):

Summary: Thanks to Gravity and Hardball's epic throwdown last issue, Las Vegas is suffering a major earthquake. Cloud 9 and Thor Girl head into a hotel to try to evacuate it before it comes down, but as they begin herding the people clustered inside along, the building collapses. Thor Girl manages to hold much of the wreckage up, but she realizes that her strength would eventually ebb and that Cloud 9, the civilians and even herself would be crushed by the falling debris. Moving away from that cheerful scene, we head to Hardball and Gravity, who were both knocked out after their tiff last issue. Prodigy and Firestar head over to the two and manage to wake them up, with Prodigy telling them they had to go inside the earth's surface to try to fix the damage to the fault line they caused. Along with Telemetry, Firestar, Hardball and Gravity head into the unstable earth and Gravity and Hardball combine powers to create an electro-gravitational field that would repair the fault and stop the earthquake... Or something sciency like that. Prodigy is monitoring the four heroes from the street and loses his transmission with them just as the earthquake ceases, leaving him unsure as to whether they survived or not. Back inside the collapsing hotel, Cloud 9 manages to break through to Thor Girl, convincing her that she was strong enough to lift the rubble up enough to evacuate the trapped people. This pep talk actually works and Thor Girl bench-presses the weight of the hotel, allowing Cloud 9 to ferry the people inside to safety. Thor Girl gets outside and is confronted by Prodigy, who kind of/sort of had Thor Girl locked up early on in this mini-series. Prodigy tries to reason with Thor Girl, explaining that he had to lock her up because of the widespread fear across the country due to her Asgardian links. Thor Girl doesn't want to hear it and this issue ends with Thor Girl bringing the hammer down on Prodigy... Literally.

Thoughts: Yep, I still love this series... I mean it's just the perfect series for me. It's chock full of b-list hero awesomeness! I don't even care that the Serpent nor any of his Worthy were in this issue, it didn't matter because I love pretty much all of the characters that were in these pages. I do find it a bit odd that Sean McKeever is writing Gravity as such a whiny punk as compared to the uber-awesome Hardball, but I guess that just goes to show that he's such a good writer he can write a character that he created with no bias. Needless to say, I can't wait to see how this series ends. Here's hoping Hardball gets offered a spot on the Avengers when it's all said and done though!

Score: 9 out of 10.It's not said NEARLY enough, but Hardball is The Man.

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