Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some of my favorite comic characters!

Here's a post that needs no introduction, some random comic scans of some of my favorite comic book characters! Ten of my favorite characters to be exact, five from DC and five from Marvel. And no, this isn't the definitive list of favorite characters for me, these are just 10 characters who came to mind for me the fastest. There are a few big omissions, but what do you want from me, I only spent like 20 minutes on this post! So without further ado, here they are in no particular order.

Arsenal.Now that DC has despicably eliminated Lian from even existing, I'll have to rely on back issues to see what an awesome father Roy was.

Captain America.Cap's not above bitch-smacking a teammate who isn't listening.

Batman(Dick Grayson).You tell him, Dick!

Ultron.Not many villains would take the time to ignore THOR to insult somebody. That's what makes Ultron extra special!

Jason Todd.Yep, Jason rules.

Hawkeye.That's right, Hawkeye once defeated a cosmic being and saved the universe by cheating at a game of chance!

Impulse.That is the most badass Impulse picture ever!

Bucky Barnes.Bucky took down IRON MAN! Think about THAT!

Robin(Tim Drake).And people think Jason was the high-strung Robin!

Nate Grey.X-Man: 1, Professor Xavier: 0.

You had to know I was going to close out this post with an X-Man scan! So yeah, there were a lot of omissions(Wally West, Kyle Rayner, Stephanie Brown, Daken, Hardball, Marvel Boy, and the list goes on and on), but like I said, this was just a quickie post. Given more time to think, I'm sure I'd have come up with a few different choices. But hey, that means I can do another post like this down the road! Anyway, that'll do it for me tonight, until next time, X out.


  1. This is one of the best lists ever and seeing the Roy pic and that Jason one which had me DYING laughing, made it even better. Also, Impulse + Batman = Ratings.

  2. Considering this post was a total rush job, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. I mean I just basically pulled a few comics at random and got some pretty sweet pics out of them!

    That Jason pic is AWESOME! "What else is the tire iron for?" “This!” had me cracking up. The Jason one and the Ultron picture had me laughing the hardest. Ultron was just so dismissive of Pym... The Roy picture actually made me kind of sad... I can't believe Lian is gone now... Not only gone, but never even existed... That's a fate worse than death...

    "Also, Impulse + Batman = Ratings." JT? I couldn't have said it better myself!

  3. Lol, I was checking out this post on my google reader app and didn't check out the comments but I KNEW that JT made his way to comment when I saw Jason Todd made the list, lol.

    I guess I'll grace the comments with a girly comment and say the scan with Roy and Lian is just too cute, lol. Even if she is handling that gun like a pro!

    The Captain America scan is just priceless, lol. I would love to see a number of scans of him bitch smacking people, lol, or hell anyone. Didn't Batman bitch slap someone in a scan of yours before? lol.

  4. A surefire way to get JT to comment is posting something with Jason Todd in it! :P

    Girlish or not, I agree completely, Lisha! That Roy/Lian pic is damn adorable. I love that Roy is letting her play with a gun, with a big box labeled "Guns" right next to her... Roy Harper: Parent of the Year!

    Oh man! I could probably find TONS of pictures of Bruce bitch slapping people! Mainly poor Dick! Dick seems to be the main target of Bruce's backhand. I don't think Cap could come anywhere CLOSE to the bitch slap pictures Bruce has! Hell, I could probably make a whole blog of Bruce bitch slapping suckas! :D

  5. marvel boy?
    like the new one who is going by the name The Protector?

  6. lol the dick grayson one is priceless
    when was that pic from had didnt know he had been batman before bruce died in Batman RIP
    strange that he had such trouble becomeing batman in battle for the cowel if he had already been bats

    speaking of badass pics check thease two out and harkening back to our last conversation there from secret warriors

  7. hey
    here is a pic from the new justic league

  8. I know, you already say it, the list is incomplete but what about them

  9. Lol, you are right about that, lol.

    Lol @ Parent of the year. As dangerous as that maybe, it's still pretty bad ass. lol.

    Lol, the fact that Bruce slapped around Grayson just shows he's an abusive parent, lol. Or maybe he felt Grayson reminded him so much of himself, lol, he just had to slap him lol.

  10. Yep Movieartman, that Marvel Boy. I still tend to call him Marvel Boy because I'm just not that keen on "Protector" yet... I'm still waiting on it to grow on me... That scan of Dick Grayson as Batman came from sometime in the mid 90's. It was after Azrael proved to be too crazy to be Batman, Dick took up the mantle for a SHORT period of time before Bruce came back and took it from Azrael for good.

    HA! I love Nick Fury... And you know he COULD beat somebody to death with their own gun if he felt like it! As for the Justice League pic? Meh. I'm tired of Hal Jordan and wish he was dead again.

    Oh man... It's almost criminal that I didn't put either Lyrl or Vril Dox on my list of favorite characters, Alien... See, that just goes to show you that I forgot LOADS of characters!

    HA! You know, Lisha, Bruce would have to be a horrible parent. Besides the abuse he lays on his Robins himself, he sends them out to fight lunatics like the Joker and stuff! Bruce is like the worst father ever!

  11. who would be the best candidate for the Worst father ever for you guay?

    A)Green Arrow

    B)Bruce Wayne



  12. Hmm... Those choices all have great merits... I wouldn't pick Wolvie simply because he never knew he had Daken since Daken was hidden from Wolvie by Romulus.

    I think I'd probably go with Ollie. Bruce may have endangered his Robins and occasionally slapped them around, but Ollie endangered his ward, abandoned him for months at a time to hang out cross-country with Hal, abused his ward, and then threw his ward on the street because the kid had a drug problem(that could logically be blamed ON Ollie for ditching Roy in the first place!). Besides that, when he found out Connor was his kid he completely freaked out about that too(I think...). Unless somebody else comes to mind, I'm picking Ollie.

  13. I do not miss the days when narration occurred in speech bubbles.

  14. ...ok Wolvie didn´t know anything about Daken, and he even try to take him to the good side right?
    so no problem with Daken.. But Daken isn´t the only one, the fact that he never met them dont made the Old Logan the best Father of the world...

    But i´m sure that Olliver Queen is the winner, he knowed that connor was his son bun ran away for the responsibility..

  15. I guess Wolvie's bad parenting skills can be seen by the fact that he's left illegitimate kids all over the world and never thought twice about it... He's more of an absentee father. Ollie? He just sucks as a dad!