Friday, September 2, 2011

Iron Man 2.0 #8

As we near the end of my new comics this week(already?!) we'll pop in and see what War Machine is up to... If I had to guess I'd say it would have something to do with Palmer Addley, who may or may not be dead depending on who you ask...

Iron Man 2.0 #8:

Summary: While War Machine is battling some big robot in Dubai, the FBI is preparing to raid a home in Ann Arbor, Michigan on a tip from Suzi Endo, War Machine's tech expert, saying that Palmer Addley was somehow operating from that home. While Rhodey manages to take down the robot, the feds raid the house, finding a woman and her two young children, which was, to put it bluntly, not what they were expecting. The feds hand the woman over to the army, and Rhodey's two assistants begin to try to talk to the woman, hoping to glean some info on how/why she was working with Palmer Addley, who was supposed to be dead. Rhodey arrives and is told by one of his assistants that they hadn't gotten anywhere, so Rhodey enters the room to talk to the woman. Rhodey lays out why the government thought she was working with Addley(the robot that attacked Dubai seemed to originate from the woman's home), but the woman keeps claiming innocence, and only seems interested in knowing that her two sons were okay. Rhodey can't help but feel that the woman was being truthful and wasn't working with Addley, but since Suzi had never steered him wrong before, he tells the woman that he couldn't let her go, but would try to let her talk to her sons. As Rhodey begins to leave the room, the woman begins to yell about her rights and during her spiel happens to mention that she was an organ donor... That causes bells to go off in the heads of Rhodey and his two assistants, as they begin digging through files and learn that Palmer Addley was also an organ donor, and that the woman they had taken into custody had received a new kidney six months ago. It's at that time Rhodey realizes, as crazy as it seemed, that Palmer Addley had somehow managed to smuggle his intellect out of his body through his donated organs... Only in a comic book can that line make ANY kind of sense at all! Rhodey's assistants figure they were in the clear since they had the woman with Addley's kidney in custody, but Rhodey figures other people had received organs from Addley, and that with Addley being as smart as he was, there was a very good chance he was tainting the other organs in the bodies of his victims, like a bizarre organic virus. In other words, you get one of Addley's organs, it taints the rest of your organs and when you die and donate your organs, they are all tainted by the Addley virus, which continues to spread. At the Pentagon, a soldier rushes into General Babbage's office to tell him that there were dozens of attacks all over the world, all linked to Palmer Addley. It's at that point that Babbage concedes that it was too late and that Palmer Addley had managed to spread himself everywhere.

Thoughts: You know, this is one hell of a weird story... I mean seriously, it was extremely difficult to type up a review for this one because it was so damn weird! Palmer Addley escaped custody by putting his brain in his kidney... Think about THAT one for a second! Now, like I said, this was a weird story, but you know what? I really enjoyed it! This issue was very dialogue heavy, and there really wasn't much action, but the story is so damn unique that I can't help but enjoy it... Every now and then it's fun to read a story that's completely off-the-wall, but still readable, to break up the monotony of most of the comics I read, and this series fits that bill perfectly for me.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.This comic gets an extra 1/2 for that "HA!" line.

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