Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Deadpool #43

One more Marvel comic on tap from last week before tomorrow brings me a whole bunch of new comics to read. This week's bottom of the barrel Marvel comic? Deadpool... That should tell you how much my enjoyment of this series has fallen in recent months. Out of like 14 comic books last week, this was the thirteenth one I read.

Deadpool #43:

Summary: Having escaped from his crazy, obsessed-with-him doctor by kicking her in the face, Deadpool is still hiding out in England trying to figure out what his next move should be. Before Pool and the voices in his head can figure out a plan, the aforementioned doctor, Dr. Whitby, arrives in Pool's hideout and reveals that she was wearing a skimpy Deadpool-style outfit. After Pool gets over the utter repulsion of seeing Whitby stuffed into that outfit, he brains her with a handgun and storms off to continue planning his next step. Eventually, Deadpool manages to sneak into a carriage carrying the Queen of England and begins telling her his troubles. Upon hearing that Whitby was a doctor in charge of patients in England, the Queen promises Pool she'd look into matters personally. That relieves Pool a bit, but he's still tasked with trying to sneak out of the Queen's carriage. Pool accomplishes that by taking the Queen's clothes and having her put on the clothes of one of her guards. Pool manages to sneak away in the ensuing confusion(complete with dress and crown), and decides he had to deal with Whitby since she was his responsibility, not the Queen's.

Thoughts: Well, the story was out and out ludicrous, but it had it's funny moments. Pool repeatedly kicking/pistol-whipping Whitby definitely wasn't one of them though... Yeah, she's nuts, but she didn't deserve that kind of punishment. Thankfully this storyline finishes up next issue where Pool will hopefully conclude his outrageous English adventure and get back to doing whatever it was he used to do when I liked this series...

Score: 7 out of 10.Nice, um, crown, Deadpool!

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