Sunday, September 11, 2011

Static Shock #1

And here's this week's final rebooted DC series, Static Shock. It's also one of the DC titles I picked up on a whim... In other words, I wasn't exactly sold on the series to begin with, so if it's not up to snuff, I'll probably be dropping it. Let's see how this issue turns out.

Static Shock #1:

Summary: This issue gets started with Static chasing down some guy named Sunspot who stole an experimental protection suit. After a bit of a chase, Static manages to to shut down the Sunspot suit and confronts the guy who stole it. Before Static can get any info from Sunspot, Sunspot is assassinated right in front of Static. With Sunspot now a dead-end(literally), Static heads home. From there we get some family interaction before Static heads off to school. While Static is at school, some criminals who were upset that Static caught Sunspot before Sunspot could deliver the suit to them hire some guy named Virule to kill Static in retribution. Static's day at school is completely uneventful(we don't even get a scene from it) and after school he heads to some warehouse his buddy Hardware(who we learn practically NOTHING about) owned to change into his Static duds. Static takes to the skies and is blissfully flying around until Virule shoots him and causes Static's arm to fall off? Wha?

Thoughts: Well this comic was something... And by something, I mean something not very good. Here's the deal. I don't know much of anything about the Static character. He popped up in a few issues of the pre-DC reboot Teen Titans and seemed to have some pretty cool powers, so I figured I'd give this series a shot, since this would let me learn about who Static was right from the start... Unfortunately, this issue answered next to nothing about who Static is and why I should care about him. I have no clue who Hardware is. Some kind of older mentor of Static's? A Batman to Static's Robin maybe? Maybe not? Who knows. As for the story, it was pretty meh. And as for the ending, what IS it with DC and their obsession with characters losing hands/arms!? Bizarre. Sadly, this will be the first and last issue of Static Shock I'll be reading, because it just didn't give me enough to make me want to come back for more.

Score: 5 out of 10.At least I could figure out that the big guy was evil.


  1. Dude... did I hit the nail on the head or did I? Static sadly had a subpar Titans run and arc, a subpar one-shot and a subpar #1. I'm done with that character until they let Judd Winick or someone write him.

  2. I also got this issue on a whim. Plus, since I liked the TV show from a few years ago, I thought I would try this out. Verdict? It was okay, but certainly not that good.

  3. Yeah JT. I mean I never watched the cartoon or anything, I figured he seemed like an interesting character, had some sweet powers and was woefully underutilized during his Teen Titans run(which was the ONLY thing I knew him from). Since I know NOTHING about the character(except for the quick Titans run), I figured this issue would basically give us a complete breakdown on the character, you know, friends, family, foes, the whole nine yards. I guess I'll be switching over to Demon Knights instead...

    Exactly, ARW. This comic was simply okay... But in order to get me to come back for more, I needed it to be a little bit better than just okay. I kind of wonder if this would be the type of series that would come across better in a trade than singles. But for a first issue? I was kind of disappointed.

  4. I'm switching over to Batwing, because I can't see myself reading Static anymore.

  5. I'm only going with Demon Knights because I liked Cornell's work in Stormwatch and figure from some of what I saw in Stormwatch there might be some far-fetched x-over of sorts between the two series even though they are like thousands of years apart.

  6. "there might be some far-fetched x-over of sorts between "

    I was already into the Demon Knights only for Shining Knight, but that stormwatch 1, made me be more exited about Demon's

    And would you try Animal man?

  7. If I was to see Animal Man at the shop, I'd probably pick it up. But that's if there's still a copy there.