Monday, September 12, 2011

Fear Itself: Wolverine #3

Now it's time for me to review the comic I was least looking forward to reading this week... And you want to know what? After reading this comic I completely understand why I was dreading this one...

Fear Itself: Wolverine #3(of 3):

Summary: So Wolverine has been strapped to a nuclear warhead aboard a HAMMER helicarrier hovering above New York City that was stolen by some nutjob who used to serve STRIKE. Oh, and Melita, Wolverine's girlfriend is trying to get information to Wolvie telling him that the nutjob(whose name is Sutton) is actually crazy... Uh-huh... Anyway, Sutton has begun to kill his own people because he is, as previously stated, crazy and didn't want any of them to stop him from nuking the Big Apple. Sutton finally arrives in the helicarrier's weapon bay and tells his last two soldiers that yes, he was indeed going to nuke New York, much to their surprise... Now honestly, why would these two soldiers be surprised?! You don't take a helicarrier containing nukes, strap Wolvie to one of the nukes, fly to New York and then NOT use the weapons! The two soldiers suddenly want no part in blowing up New York and attack Sutton, but not before cutting Wolvie free. After Wolvie gets free, Melita manages to contact him to tell him that Sutton was driven crazy due to experiments done to him by Project Blackbox... Gee, thanks for the helpful hint... Sutton manages to wound one of the two soldiers and Wolvie tells the soldier still standing to help his comrade get away from Sutton. With that, Wolvie tries to talk to Sutton, explaining that he too was nearly driven insane due to the Weapon X Project. Sutton pretty much shrugs that off and pushes the button to drop the nuke anyway... HA! Wolvie cuts off Sutton's hand a second too late and leaps out of the helicarrier, landing on the nuke, which he manages to disarm... In midair... Because Wolverine has apparently become a genius. With that, the cops come to take care of crazy Sutton, and Wolvie and Melita make nice.

Thoughts: Damn was this a bad mini-series... Besides the obvious, which is the fact that this mini had next to NOTHING to do with the Fear Itself event, the story just wasn't my cup of tea. Here's an example... For the first two issues, Melita gets information on Sutton and is doggedly determined to get said information to Wolverine. Basically Melita's info was that Sutton was crazy thanks to Project Blackbox. Now I don't know WHY Melita thought that information was somehow going to turn the tide of the battle for Wolverine, but whatever. Anyway, we get to this issue, Wolverine gets this oh so important information from Melita, and it ends up playing NO role in the final outcome of this story... So then my question intermediately becomes, why the HELL did we waste so much page space on Melita when everything she did didn't matter!?! And that's not even mentioning the fact that Wolverine was able to disarm a state of the art nuclear warhead IN MIDAIR... To say that I regret spending money on these three issues is an understatement...

Score: 2 1/2 out of 10.Good thing Wolvie took those "How to disarm a nuke in midair" classes...


  1. "How to disarm a nuke in midair"
    I should take those classes, you never knows...

    Hey Im tring to know a litle about the X-men, but i have some problems with, Nate Grey, Havok, Cable, Rachel Summers, How many son have scott and wich ones are from the main 616 universe?

  2. "I should take those classes, you never knows..." HA!!! You're right! I mean look how well it worked for Wolvie! :P

    No problem, Alien! Nate and Rachel are alternate dimensional children of Scott and Jean. Cable is actually the son of Scott and Jean's clone, Maddie Pryor, and Havok is Scott's brother. So Scott's only real son from the 616 Marvel U is Cable. The rest are from other dimensions, etc. And to make things even more confusing, Scott and JEAN went into the futre and raised Cable when he was a child. So yeah, it can be confusing as hell! Hopefully that answers your question without confusing you too much! :P

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  4. i am not defending this shit........................... well.... mabye
    but wolverine has been in countless millitary operations been brainwashed with all kinds milltary related info reguarding weapons of all types
    im sure knowlege of how to disarm a nuke of that size and type
    came with all that history somewhere
    now if it was someone say Rogue or hawkeye with alot less military experence then yeah it would have been far more rediculus

  5. Yeah, I def hear you Movieartman. Plus the comic book rule applies, you know, "it's in a comic book, so expect anything, no matter how farfetched". I was just a bit thrown by Wolvie managing to disarm the nuke IN midair! On the ground or stationary, sure, why not, but falling through the sky? That was a bit much for me! Plus you'd have to think it was a pretty state of the art nuke if Osborn was placing it in one of his new helicarriers. But regardless, Wolvie riding nukes or not, I just never really got into this mini, so that also colored the way I looked at this one.

  6. Wolverine is making a statement. He's telling Marvel and all of the Marvel readers that, no matter how much we tire of him, he will not die. We are all doomed.

  7. OK, I get it all, less that "raised cable, in the future" stuff but does n ´t matters.. thank for the answer
    was really more clear than this

  8. hey movieartman here
    there turning cable in to bishop stupid sons of bitches
    fucking leob

  9. "Wolverine is making a statement. He's telling Marvel and all of the Marvel readers that, no matter how much we tire of him, he will not die. We are all doomed." Pfft, I knew that since those Civil War Wolverine x-over issues, Lebeau! Wolvie came back from being nothing more than a metal skeleton during a fight with Nitro! A skeleton!!! Gah, no, Wolvie is here for the LOOOOONG haul. But hey, at least he's not chewing up page space in the Ultimate Universe... Yet!

    Glad I could be of assistance, Alien. Yeah, I've seen that family tree before and it is a bit confusing... I'm still trying to figure out what Cable's relationship to Deadpool is...

    Thanks for the link, Movieartman. After reading that article, I'm even LESS interested about Cable's return now! And to think, there was a time when we had a perfectly accpetable Bishop character already around, you know, before Marvel screwed it all up!