Saturday, September 10, 2011

X-23 #14

It's time for me to check out the newest issue of Wolverine's personality devoid clone's solo series! Yes, it's time for an X-23 review! Here's hoping this issue is a bit better than the past few issues have been...

X-23 #14:

Summary: The FF have taken X-23 to their headquarters to see if they could figure out the meaning behind the dreams she shared with Spider-Man and Invisible Woman, two members of the FF. Oh, and Mr. Fantastic is also trying to puzzle out why an earthquake hit on the same block in Manhattan that X-23 was on. While Mr. Fantastic wants to run some further tests on X-23 to see what he could come up with, X-23 isn't interested in sticking around since the Baxter Building, with all of it's labs and stuff, probably reminds her of her time with the Facility. Invisible Woman figures taking X-23 around the kids at the Baxter Building may help put her mind at ease, but when she does another earthquake strikes, this time IN the building. X-23 wakes up a little while later and finds Invisible Woman, Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic and Valeria Richards hanging out around her hospital bed. Mr. Fantastic reveals that the earthquakes were somehow coming from X-23, while Valeria uses a device that shows that Spidey and Invisible Woman were also carrying the same energy. Upon hearing that, Spidey realizes it was the Uni-Power, which he, Invisible Woman and X-23 all held at one time. Valeria uses her device to activate the residual Uni-Power inside the three and the thee heroes find themselves transported to some weird alternate dimension.

Thoughts: Well, I think it's finally time for me to just come right out and say it... This is almost definitely the last issue of this series I'll be picking up. I honestly haven't enjoyed an issue of this series since the very first storyline. I don't know what it is, but the past few issues of this series have left me flat. Plus the addition of the FF to this storyline is just killing it for me. Sorry, but without the Human Torch, the FFers are just uber-bland and boring to me. Add X-23, who herself is bland and boring, throw in a story that makes little to no sense and you have a recipe for disaster. So yes, this is my final X-23 review for the foreseeable future. If I hear that the series has really picked up down the road, I'll add it again, but until then I'm sure I can find something else to waste my money on.

Score: 3 1/2 out of 10.Even X-23's threats are boring!


  1. Here you have the Golden Age Superman

  2. Huh, that's a really interesting article, but it really doesn't change my mind concerning Supes actions in 2011... My problem is that the heroes from the 1930's-1940's DID act more... questionably, but that was accepted back then. Heroes changed dramatically during the 1960's into what most of us know today. Nowadays, characters who kill, maim, torture, etc, would be referred to as vigilantes/anti-heroes. Hell, a guy like the Punisher would probably be seen as a hero if he was around in the late 1930's, with the way he was kills mobsters and stuff. Once again, DC can't say they are moving into the future as a company, and then have Morrison revert Supes back to his 1939 self!

  3. hahaha y I´m not trying to change your mind.

    But i believe that Morrison will take a little form all the ages, until reach to one more familiar.. and i´m curious to see how that happens

  4. "But i believe that Morrison will take a little form all the ages, until reach to one more familiar" I'd like that a lot. But I'd want it to move along rather quickly, so that we get to the Supes we all know and love by like the sixth issue... I don't know if I can deal with vigilante Supes for a full year!

  5. My reason for dropping the title would be that M. Liu is not writing Gambit & Jubilee, since she got them perfectly. Anyway on the subject of Superman, I have to say that Golden age & silver age Supes are versions I don't particularly care for. I'm more a fan of the version that is close to the tas , like bronze , dark age Superman, now that guy was more complex. & then again it's written by Morrison who , 2 days ago , lost his benefit of the doubt & has fully become a person I rather dislike . Remember when you talked abvout guys who thought they were bigger than the industry itself ?You can add Grant to that club for the presemptuous way he talked about fans in general & the hypocrisy when it comes to comics couples....

    PS sorry for yelling in that Detective comics review , but honestly I've HAD ENOUGH of them trying to make Joker more EXTREEEEme! It works with Carnage not Joker ( & as you know , I love both these guys), & besides peeling the skin off a face like that? since when Mr J is a superpowered being to survive that? unless they wanna make him blind , mute & incomprehensible. He's frightening as he is , the fact he looks like a joyful clown is what makes him scary, not leatherface's retarded cousin!

  6. "My reason for dropping the title would be that M. Liu is not writing Gambit & Jubilee" You know, I agree with that completely... She writes a GREAT Gambit. I mean like the best Gambit since the early 90's X-books. But X-23 is just boring... I've basically been reading this series FOR Gambit and whatever guest stars pop up, but this story, plus the FF, as well as X-23 just being her regular boring self and this series has lost me. To be honest with you, I'm surprised that I stuck with this series for as long as I did!

    As for Morrison, in a way I think he's always been a bit of an elitist writer, especially when he left Marvel. Just look at his Batman work, or more specifically his work with Jason Todd. He obviously doesn't have a very good grasp of characters, as he proved with that storyline. He's taken idea from 1950's Batman to try to look knowledgeable on the franchise, plus he tends to write over people's heads. Morrison is the sort of guy who needs a strong editor to tell him "NO!!! That makes no sense!" every now and then. He's not the type of writer who should just write whatever he feels like. And I'm sorry to those fans who like THIS version of Supes, but I don't. Supes doesn't torture people. Maybe he did during a different time period, but he doesn't any more. If that's the case they might as well rename him Superbat, make him a part of Batman Inc and just be done with it.

    Yell away, Saidi! You know I'm almost always bitching about something on this blog! :P I agree with you on the Joker thing. I don't want to see them turn Joker into a male Jane Doe or some other dumb-ass move. It's like I said, Joker is ICONIC. He works. Why the hell would DC want to fuck with that?

  7. actually in the late 90's , Gambit had his best series ever done by the excellent team of Nicieza/ Paquette/ Skorce until friggin Claremont claims he had to use Gambit. In that solo from 1997 to 2001 if I'm correct, Fabian , being the definitive Remy writer, gave the cajun's fans THE definitive take. Besides , it also shows that Gambit is partly responsible for giving Sinister the cellular structure control (kind of how Scott & Jean were a factor in him accepting Apocalypse's offer. IT'S WHY I loved the x-men & Superheroes in general, when the heroes are part of the villain's creation, it's a beautiful cruel irony! part of why I'm really annoyed writers ignore a character's history & ideology with a piss poor excuse for their lazy hackery!)
    His second Solo by Layman / Jeanty was actually pretty cool showing him being a thief for hire with a really ambiguous morality. THIS is how Gambit works, he's the guy you use for thrillers whether fun or dark & action packed stories.
    Jubilee is a far better character than anyone gives her credit for & is partly responsible of making me a Logan fan (the other being Sabretooth...& Omega Red...& Deadpool too!) & what defines her is her optimism (for hell sake , her parents get killed, Logan gets his adamantium torn from his spores, Synch friggin DIES near her, & even acknowledging that , she looks at the bright side of life! that takes balls guys! or ovaries in girl's case) & cheerfulness!

  8. Actually even in the marvel he arrogantly told all fans of Scott & Jean "It was stale and going nowhere and we all knew it. Scott has changed – he's not the teenage boy who fell in love with Jean; when she died for a second time on the moon, their love was over as far as I'm concerned and the stories after that back up my contention – everything after Dark Phoenix was just Jean and Scott trying really hard and failing miserably to recapture that perfect moment of running out hand in hand to face certain death.
    Poor Scott had to grieve twice and rebuild his life…then Jean came back again. How could anyone hope to maintain a normal emotional connection with someone in these circumstances? Emma and Scott are the perfect couple – with Jean, Scott had to be a superhuman to keep up, with Emma he can let his humanity out to play."
    Yep I'm sure that any sane guy would trust a woman that tried to kill them numerous times (& whose history he GOT WRONG! the hellfire club is a strip club? "facepalm")& who has nothing to do with him rather than the woman who searched for him when everyone believed he was dead & did nothing but,well , saving & loving him....That & Cable was NEVER mentionned in his run...ever. well bad news Grant, LIKE IT OR NOT CABLE IS HIS SON(as well as one of my favourites.) & never refering to him while exploring (or pissing on) the Scott/Jean relationship is kinda insulting. Oh but Maddie was never mentionned, & Mr Sinister ? Never mentionned! you'd think Scott's bane in existence & nemesis should be kind of brought up now, shouldn't he? But hey according to Morrison , Apocalypse is an 'Evil spirit" ... FUCK YOOOOUUUUU moronson!!!Also if anyone dares harming Animal man 's marriage , he'll say that those creators are cowards & hacks while when he does it with Cyclops's or Superman's, it's okay, because Lobdell & Nicieza were not "believable enough" ...hypocrisy much? But the final straw is him saying "I don't care about geeks, you know? Geeks shouldn't be given power. When geeks get power, you get Hitler." Yes, and for over the last 20 years they've kept you continuously employed.Of course This is the same thing that happened when he was "misquoted" about what he really meant about hi Sue /Johnny fanfic.While some saw his crap for what it was, others defended him because he is the great and powerful Morrison.
    Had he been the lowly Rob Liefeld everyone hates, no one would have lifted a finger to type a good excuse for him.
    Tune in next week where we shall rant about YOUR favourite target ;Geoff Johns!

  9. Hmm, upon reading all of that from you, I have to say, Morrison seems to get shit wrong a lot... See, I really only know the background stuff in broad strokes. And before I started this blog and communicating regularly with other comic fans I seriously didn't follow most of the behind the scenes drama or the stuff that went on at Comic Cons. The line about Scott and Jean's relationship being boring and/or having run it's course is kind of weird to me... Does that mean every comic character should constantly switch up partners? Can there never be a happily ever after? I mean in real life there are couples who met/married in high school/whatever and are still together, so why not Scott and Jean? And the geek comment had me laughing... Does Morrison know that he's working for like the WORST comic book geek in Geoff Johns?! In a funny way, Morrison saying geeks with too much power are akin to Hitler/a crazed dictator is a perfect analogy for what's happened to DC these past few years. You've now got two douchebag fanboys in Johns and Didio, who only care about the characters THEY grew up on, and to hell with everybody else. In a weird way, I've got to say, even though he was being a prick about it, Morrison was right! Geeks in power ARE a bad thing!