Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daredevil #3

Back to Marvel for a moment as I take a quick look at Daredevil #3. After that, I'll be heading back to DC to review one of their comics... Man, there is just NO rhyme nor reason to my reviewing...

Daredevil #3:

Summary: Trying to buy time to escape from the trap the Klaw echoes had locked him in last issue, DD asks the prime Klaw to tell him how he was alive and not-so-well as opposed to flying around space as a radio wave. The prime Klaw tells a story about how some mystery person(who appears to be female from their silhouette), gave him advice on how to bring the real Klaw back from space. Basically it involves fancy machinery and DD's body. Thanks to Klaw's blabbing, DD manages to get out of the trap by tearing the wires out of himself and yelling really loud. That temporarily discorporates the Klaws, as well as screws up DD's senses. DD escapes outside and blindly manages to fight off Klaw, who was rapidly losing cohesion. Eventually Klaw dissipates and DD returns home with some temporary hearing damage. The next day, DD(as Matt Murdock) and Foggy Nelson coach the victim of some police brutality on the finer points of law so he could serve as his own attorney since Matt and Foggy weren't able to defend him because of the stigma attached to Matt due to everybody knowing he was Daredevil. The man manages to win his case thanks to Matt and Foggy's coaching, and DD seems to think that consulting clients was the way for him and Foggy's law firm to go.

Thoughts: Eh. For whatever reason this comic just didn't do it for me. The Klaw story bored me and Matt's ultra-happy personality STILL disturbs me(he's more Peter Parker than Matt Murdock now). The law consultation plan actually seems like a good idea considering that Matt really can't work a case in court without the opposing lawyer constantly accusing him of being Daredevil. Besides that, I guess we'll learn down the road who the mystery person assisting Klaw was, so there's that to look forward to at least. Overall though, at least to me, this issue was a massive step back from the first two issues.

Score: 5 out of 10.Well no wonder everybody thinks Matt is DD! His shadow has betrayed him!


  1. this reminds me did u get
    New Avengers #16 where daredevil joins the team
    it kicked ass specialy in comparaison to the last few abismal issues

  2. Nah man, I didn't pick it up... You're making me think I should though! Since I've been so down on New Avengers, I figured I'd skip it and save the $, but if I see a copy laying around on Wednesday, maybe I'll flip through it and pick it up. It'll depend on how many books I've got coming my way this week.

  3. hope ya do so :)
    for once the interview thingy thev been doing in new and the main avengers book actualy adds to the book and i think its is just a fear itself gemic
    this is the last issue of of the new avengers books that tie-in to fear iself and then they move on to the The hammer war with osborn and the return of the dark avengers
    and hopefuly the book will lose some of the hopeless banter in the coming saga

  4. After seeing how many comics I'm picking up tomorrow, I don;t think I'll have the $ to pick this issue up, even if I DO see it! :P It may have to wait until next week...

    "hopefuly the book will lose some of the hopeless banter" As long as Bendis is writing this series? I doubt it!