Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fear Itself: Hulk vs Dracula #1

Here's a comic I was supposed to pick up last Wednesday but wasn't at my shop on time, thus the one week delay. And yes, the title is actually the HULK vs Dracula... But hey, I have a HUGE amount of confidence that Victor Gischler can make this into something other than a massive car wreck.

Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #1(of 3):

Summary: After Thor tossed the Hulk out of Manhattan, Hulk landed in Dracula's Eastern European vampire empire. Upon landing, the Hulk went on a rampage, as the Hulk is wont to do, so Dracula sent out a few of his vampires to see if Hulk could be reasoned with. Hulk responds to Dracula's emissaries by killing them, so Dracula launches a wide-scale attack on the Hulk, mainly to see what the vampire nation was dealing with. Hulk tears through the vampires sent his way, and all Dracula learns from this mess is that the Hulk seems to be stronger than ever before, bad news for Dracula and his vampire minions. While Dracula is debating what to do, Raizo Kodo and his Forgiven clan of vampires enter Dracula's castle and offer their assistance against the Hulk. Dracula has them tossed into his dungeons for daring to enter his castle uninvited, although Raizo realizes that Dracula was only doing that to prove to the other vampire leaders in Dracula's castle who the boss was. While Dracula let Raizo and his clan sit in the dungeon, Dracula sends a horde of werewolves and other assorted monsters to face the Hulk hoping they could succeed where his vampire armies had thus far failed.

Thoughts: I can't say I really enjoyed this one. It was okay, but it wasn't anything special. I mean seriously, what chance do a horde of vampires have against the Hulk? Hell, even Thor got his ass kicked by the Serpent-possessed Hulk, so how exactly can this mini-series end favorably for Dracula and company? While I knew Dracula and Janus from Gischler's X-Men run, all of the other vampires didn't leave an impression on me, further impeding my enjoyment of this one. I THINK Raizo was in some Throne of Blood(or something like that) one-shot I read, but again, I don't know enough about him to care about him. I guess there's the major problem for me right there. While I'm okay with Janus and Dracula, I don't care about anybody else in this one.

Score: 6 out of 10.Somehow I get the feeling things aren't going to end well for that vampire...


  1. I am wating to Fear Itself to end to read it complete in a row, but i dont want to read a ton of comics, so wich tie in wolud you recomend me to so a dont miss important thing of the main history.

  2. Cool, Alien. With the way Marvel operates I'm sure they'll have the Fear Itself trades out soon after the event wraps up. I'd say to pick up the main Fear Itself mini-series(obviously!), as well as the Invincible Iron Man and Journey Into Mystery tie-in issues. I'd recommend the Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt mini-series and the Avengers Academy tie-ins only because I really like the characters in those two books, but you could easily skip them and not miss much of the story. But those three(five if you do pick up Youth In Revolt and Avengers Academy) series should give you enough insight into the main story to make sure you're not lost. The rest? Unless you want to read about a specific character are completely skippable.

  3. "With the way Marvel operates"

    so you do not miss a chance to trow at my face that Marvel is better than DC right? I would not tolerate such kind of humiliation from you X =P

    I would read the 3 issues, i don't want a lot of Marvel characters to like me, if not I would end reading 28(!!!) comics per week..

  4. "so you do not miss a chance to trow at my face that Marvel is better than DC right? I would not tolerate such kind of humiliation from you X" HA!!! Now Alien, it's not my fault that Marvel gets their trades out WAY faster than DC does! :P I've got to say, as a fan of both companies that's the thing that annoys me the most about DC, how slowly they put out their trades.

    HA! Understood completely, Alien. Not everybody is as crazy as I am! :D

  5. We've seen the features: Hulk versus Superman, Hulk versus Wolverine, Hulk versus the Thing, and, essentially, Hulk versus other superheroes. Works of art that provoked our creative mind. Who's the most grounded? Who's the best contender? Who'll win?

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