Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Comic Day! September 28th edition.

Since I'm a bit worn down from last week's marathon reviewing session that saw me bust out 26 reviews in 7 days, I'm going to get right into the stuff I just got back from the comic shop with... Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Green Lantern: The New Guardians #1, I, Vampire #1, Justice League Dark #1, Superman #1, Teen Titans #1, Voodoo #1, Amazing Spider-Man #670, Annihilators: Earthfall #1, Avengers Academy #19, Captain America and Bucky #622, Fear Itself: Hulk vs Dracula #2, Fear Itself: The Deep #4, Iron Man 2.0 #9, Journey Into Mystery #628, Kick-Ass 2 #4, Mighty Thor #6, New Mutants #31, Secret Avengers #17, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2, Ultimate Comics Ultimates #2, Venom #7, Wolverine #16... 23 comics? DAMMIT!! And it's not like there were any I could shave off to save myself some money either... Most of these comics SHOULD be pretty good. So much for a nice, easy week.

Let's see, I'm going to choose New Mutants #31 as my Pick of the Litter. Kick Ass, Wolverine and Cap and Bucky were also given consideration, but New Mutants has Nate Grey in it, which trumps most anything else. As for this week's Runt of the Litter, I'm going to go with Fear Itself: The Deep #4... If I hadn't picked up the first three issues of this mini I almost definitely wouldn't have picked this issue up. And that my friends, is that. I have a massive amount of reviewing to do again this week, so I should probably get to that. Here's this week's random scan, and I shall leave you all with my customary cry of X out!

The Random Scan of the Week!Cool. Now I know.


  1. Aww yea boiii! Im picking up batman tdk, annihilators, cap/bucky, venom, and possibly GL new guardians and some others.

  2. aww no savage hawkman...... meh ill let u know how it is

    check this

  3. Hey, you saved some money to eat this week?

    I going to wait for your thouhts over New Guardians 1 Justice League Dark Teen Titans..

    and I agree with Moviertman here, sure Ciclops is gonna be pissed.

  4. Twenty Three comics sir? TWENTY THREE!!! Lol. And here I was thinking the DCU Reboot would save you some money since you weren't getting all 52 issues! lol. Well I still stand by "I graduated I deserve to treat myself to comics" lol.

    Well, just a quick note I decided to pick up I, Vampire. Lol. So that'll be something I'm looking forward for you to review. Along with these wonderful issues: Justice League Dark #1, Superman #1, Teen Titans #1, Voodoo #1, Venom #7, Wolverine #16.

    Have fun!!! Happy Reading!!!

  5. Annihilators Earthfall #1 fucken pissed me off right from the minute i picked it up off the shelf today. watch what i had to say about it if you dare whenever the time is right:

  6. Heh, ya know in many ways Shaman Nate is a far less dickish version of John Constantine. At least he didn't sacrifice his cat as a kid...
    As for Venom 7, Finally my boy Eddie is having a " calm" discussion with his ex , while Symbiote soldier is nice, Only Eddie Brock can be named VENOM !
    Still I'm gonna put Venom In the thunderbolts in my fanon, you think he'll be a good fit? I mean Eddie for his bonkers attitude & murderous hatred of Spidey is not worse then Karla Sofen or Juggy, right?

    Anyway, this one has been a friggin pain But I'll safely brag that I'm the only one who drew the villains team of that story ! HA!

    Inspired by Gothic metal & Megadeath 's symphony of destruction, If they ever animate this story, let's hope they get the shadaloo theme

    when we see the entrance of Apoc & his horsemen walking in the citadel before he speaks in his godly voice! Oh come on I can dream...

  7. I'm def interested in hearing what you thought about Capt America/Bucky, Cap... I SUUUUURE enjoyed it!

    Isn't Hawkman written by Tony Daniel? I think that's why I decided against picking it up... That plus the fact I've never been to high on Hawkman!

    "The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning"? I frigging LOVE Jason Aaron!

    HA! Not really, Alien... It's gonna be another week of buying cheap food and eating leftovers! :D Damned comic book habit!

    Lisha, I AM still using that excuse for myself! :P I see you picked up a pretty good haul this week as well! You know I'll be looking forward to your opinions on those books as the week rolls by.

    Damn, really Dave? I actually had some high hopes for that mini... I mean the cover alone looked pretty sweet. I guess that's a good example of don't judge a book by it's cover!

    I didn't even think about Shaman Nate/Constantine, but I could EASILY see Nate being in a mature audiences book acting like Constantine. The Eddie Venom is a PERFECT fit for the T-Bolts. Hell, they had the lesser Gargan version on the Bolts, Eddie would work WAY better since I could see him really trying to redeem himself. Good call, Saidi.

    Damn, thanks for all the comments guys! I think I responded to 'em all! :D

  8. That's my X!!! Lol. Use that excuse every chance you get!! And yeah, Falisha Ann did some picking up this week. We got our issue from the pull list and I was still looking for stuff to get. I grabbed I, Vampire shaking my head like, I can't help myself, lol.

    There's no rush but, after reading VooDoo, I am really interested in what you have to say, lol. A lot more than I was on Wonder Woman. Since this is a new series and everything.

  9. I just wonder if I can keep using that excuse after I finally get a job? :P

    Voodoo is actually one of the comics I plan on reading tonight. There's a good chance I'll have a review of it up by tomorrow night. My sister already read that comic, even before I did, which is really rare. I'm extra curious about your thoughts on that comic since you're being so cryptic here, Lisha!