Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nightwing #1

And now I get to take a look at my favorite former sidekick, Dick Grayson! Well, it's actually a tie between Dick and Bucky Barnes, but since this is a DC post, I'll let that comment stand. Dick has been Robin, he was Nightwing, he became Batman BRIEFLY in the 90's, went back to being Nightwing, became Batman for a rather extended run these past couple of years, and is now Nightwing again. I'll be the first to admit, I am sad to see that Dick's run as Batman is over, but here's hoping Kyle Higgins can make Dick as Nightwing as awesome as Dick as Batman was.

Nightwing #1:

What Happened: After a year of being Batman while Bruce Wayne was away, Dick Grayson has moved back into the more comfortable role of Nightwing. While Dick is getting his new/old life back in order, Haly's Circus has returned to Gotham City for the first time since the deaths of Dick's parents. Dick heads over to visit his old circus buddies after some trepidation and finds himself having a great time. Eventually Dick heads back home when he's jumped in the street by some costumed villain packing a fierce set of claws. Dick manages to sneak away when some hapless cops get sliced up by the villain and switches into his Nightwing duds. Unfortunately, the villain winds up getting the upper-hand on Dick and is moving in for the kill as this issue ends.

The Good: Dick Grayson was the star of this series. The story was strong and easy to follow. The art was good. The cliffhanger was good. The villain of this piece has a grudge against Dick Grayson for some reason, adding some meat to the villain's character. No other members of the Bat-family popped up here, allowing Dick to have this issue completely to himself.

The Bad: There really wasn't any bad here... If I had to nitpick, I'd say that I'd prefer it if Dick operated outside of Gotham, since there are enough costumed vigilantes already running around Gotham.

The Verdict: So far two of my favorite rebooted DC titles have been written by Kyle Higgins. That's good because DC REALLY needs to get themselves some fresh, new, talented writers to keep up with Marvel's strong foundation of writers. Hopefully DC was smart enough to lock Higgins up to an exclusive contract. The bottom line here? This series is DEFINITELY a keeper.

Score: 9 out of 10.Don't you just hate it when the super-villain you were fighting flips away like that?


  1. This is the ONLY one I haven't read, so I'll have to come back to the review. But I'm loving the score. I'll probably give it a read before work tomorrow morning. ^_^

  2. But ARE there enough vigilante's X? Bats, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing. No Red Hood, no Spoiler yet to our knowledge, maybe Red Robin, Maybe Huntress. So four to a city isn't bad.

  3. Did he paint his logo on that guy's chest in blood? I guess he didn't but that is what it looks like.

  4. Batman is in Gotham, JT. Imo(and I'm sure in Batman's opinion), that means there are enough vigilante's in Gotham. :P

    I caught that too, Jermox. That scene on the train. It was weird. Maybe after the guy got beat up the blood just happened to pool like that? Maybe?

  5. you forgot to mention The birds of prey

  6. Ah, I'm not reading Birds, so I didn't know they were working out of Gotham too. Thanks for the info, Alien.