Saturday, September 17, 2011

A good question...

Hey, here's a great conversation starter from Alien!

"mm off topic..

What do yopu think about this and what would be your proposal?"

Oooo, fun!! I do love those Marvel vs DC questions! Out of all of these ideas, I'd spend the most money to see the Avengers take on Darkseid. Now I'll happily pick who I would see winning!

10)Iron Man over Sinestro. I'm sure Tony could easily use sonics or something to break Sinestro's concentration and then smack him around.

9) I love the Skull as a villain, but WW would trounce him!

8) Wow, this is a REALLY tough one... I'd probably give Brainiac a SLIGHT edge over the FF.

7) I'd go Thanos over the Green Lanterns, no matter which GL you pick. Hell, Thanos could probably beat a whole mess of GL's at the same time!

6) THIS would be the story I'd most want to read. I'd go with the Avengers if only because I've seen Supes defeat Darkseid, so I'm sure Thor and company could as well.

5) Yipes, I honestly don't know... I guess I'd go with the JL simply because Bats would probably figure out a way to convince Galactus to leave.

4) I love Lex, but there's no way he's beating Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men. Wolvie would be Lex's Kryptonite.

3) Batman in a few seconds.

2) I've gotta think Spidey can take Joker.

1) I'd say Doom would squash Supes like a bug! Doom is a terrible villain for Supes to take on. Not only is Doom as smart as Lex, he's a master sorcerer, and we all know how weak Supes is against magic...

So I'm going Marvel 6-DC 4, even though there are a few that are almost too close to call(FF vs Brainiac, GLs vs Thanos & JL vs Galactus). But those are my thoughts, feel free to add your own thoughts in the comment section.


  1. hey Nate i'm sorry to go off topic on your post here but email just isn't the most reliable way to reach you. there is a such a goddamn over Suicide Squad #1 i was wondeing if your going to review it? i believe it was on your pull list a couple of days ago?

  2. I have two comics above S. Squad in my comic pile(Deathstroke and Daredevil), so there's a chance I'll read it and get a review up for it late tomorrow or early Monday at the absolute latest. But it should def be soon.

  3. Hey nice to see that you are give me some publicity.. =) Hope the price don't be too high.

    Yeah I would spend my money in Avengers Vs Darksaid too and they really seem to be done one for another..

    About the Lex Vs X-men Im not so sure.. obviously in a hand to hand competition he can not do anything but could do some good threat to demoralize them and beat them one by one.

  4. Don't worry, Alien. My rates aren't THAT high! ;)

    IDK, I mean I love Lex and all, but when the eventual confrontation occurs, how does Lex counter somebody like Wolvie? I just can't see Lex able to take down Wolverine, let alone a group of X-Men. I mean a great story could def be told between Lex and the X-Men(instead of hating aliens, Lex can just hate mutants), but once it gets physical, I don't see Lex standing a chance.

  5. ah that's one of the things i like about you Nate despite being a student with so many comics to have to get through you always find a way to respond to comments promptly. there's a lot of dick heads out there who run blogs believe it or not.

  6. I try, Dave. I never really understood why someone would start a blog but not bother to respond to the comments left... I mean sure, sometimes there's nothing to say to a comment, but shit, if you don't want to respond to comments, then shut 'em off or something!

    Oh, and I JUST finished that Suicide Squad comic a few minutes ago, I'll prob start typing up a review for it tonight and post it tomorrow afternoon.

  7. The JL WOULD have to take on the silver surfer too though. Along with possible other heralds. Not saying that they wouldn't win just trying to maybe even out the odds. I can see Galactus destroying the tower though and facing the fury of the JL.

  8. True on that, Cap. Galactus never just comes at you alone, he'd have his herald(s), as well as other various creations(the Punisher robots, etc). Supes vs the Surfer or better yet, Supes vs Morg would be awesome too. Who knows, even as I type this out, that's one of those battles that could go either way. Even now I'm flip-flopping on who I could see winning!

  9. I kind of scanned through the link, but I would love to see Marvel and DC cross over. I'm surprised they haven't

    10) Hmmmm I think I'll go with Iron Man on this one.
    9) Wondy of course. Lol. Because she's my fav AND I know for a fact she'd murder Red Skull lol.
    8) Brainiac would do some damage to FF. lol.
    7) No idea, lol.
    6) I agree with you on this one X.
    5) Isn't Glactus the size of a Universe or something? Lol Couldn't he just send JL into a black hole? lol
    4) X-Men all the way lol. I think Cyclops an Wolvie could take him out and Jean could definitely play with his mind lol.
    3) Batman!!
    2) Lol, somewhere in my heart I think Joker would get Spidey lol.
    1) I'm gonna take your word on this one lol. I don't know much about Doc Doom but he does looks quite scary.

    Now, I wish for a crossover. :( Let's start a petition!!! lol.

  10. There have been a few Marvel/DC x-overs here and there, Lisha, but none since like 2003 I think(The AWESOME JLA/Avengers x-over)... I don't know what the hold up is... Maybe Marvel isn't interested because they're doing so well in the sales department? Idk.

    Your answer to #5 made my night, Lisha! I'd love to see Galacyus just kind of stroll up to Supes and be like, "Get out my way!" before tossing him into a black hole or something! Maybe if DC can pick up their sales with the reboot Marvel will have some incentive to do a crossover... Hopefully.