Friday, September 2, 2011

Fear Itself: The Deep #3

And this is it! This is the last comic in this week's new comic pile! I still have a few new-ish comics laying around that I'll probably try to review between now and next Wednesday(Uncanny X-Men #542, a whole mess of Morning Glories, some Irredeemables, the conclusion to the Iron Age mini-series, etc), but with no new comics left, I can actually do something besides reviews here at the blog! Huzzah! Now, I don't have the slightest idea what I'll do, but rest assured, I shall post SOMETHING other than more reviews some time over the course of the next few days. Since I have no clue what I'll be posting, let's just call it a surprise and leave it at that...

Fear Itself: The Deep #3(of 4):

Summary: Okay, so although this mini-series is a Fear Itself tie-in(it says so on the cover), the kind of/sort of Defenders are battling the Undying Ones, who have managed to possess the denizens of New Atlantis. Long story short, Dr. Strange busts out some magic and defeats the Undying Ones conduit to the earthly plane and sends the Undying Ones scurrying back to whatever the hell dimension the Undying Ones originated from. So the citizens of New Atlantis are free of the Undying Ones influence and the day is won... Or is it?! This issue ends with Namor reminding the kind of/sort of Defenders that while the threat of the Serpent possessed Attuma remained, New Atlantis wasn't truly safe.

Thoughts: You can probably tell from that review that this wasn't my favorite comic... In all fairness though, this wasn't a bad comic. It just veered a bit off-road with the whole, “Undying Ones making an alliance with Attuma's goons” storyline. Attuma has been kicking everybody's ass, from Speedball(okay, bad example), to Alpha Flight(um, another bad example I guess...), why does he need “lieutenants”, and why the hell did those lieutenants need demonic powers? For me it was the lack of Attuma that bugged me the most here. Next issue should be an all-out battle between the kind of/sort of Defenders and Attuma, and if it turns out to be that straightforward, I'll be a very happy camper!

Score: 5 out of 10.Wow, the Surfer was kind of an ass here...

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