Saturday, September 24, 2011

X-Men #18

The best introduction I can come up with for this issue? Here's hoping this is the last part of this storyline! Huzzah!!

X-Men #18:

Summary: The leader of the Scorpius, some evil billionaire and Dr. Doom leave the Scorpius's city to take possession of the gateway Mr. Fantastic had been working on to return the FF and the X-Men back to their home dimension. While the Scorpius army moves forward, Lee Forrester, Skull the Slayer, Wolverine, the Thing and Pixie make allies with the telepathic enemies of the Scorpius and decide to invade the Scorpius's nearly deserted city to rescue the captive Invisible Woman, Lord Summers and Emma Frost. Meanwhile, Magneto leaves Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Nemesis to try to figure out where Doom got off to. Wolvie's group invades the Scorpius's city, but the Scorpius remaining behind sound the alarm which alerts the army outside the walls as to what was going on. The Scorpius's king tells the army to continue onward while he took care of the invaders. By this point, Magneto arrives and asks Doom what he was doing at the head of a hostile alien army. Doom tells Magneto that there was no time to explain, and that if Mags ever wanted to free his captive teammates and escape from the dimension they were currently stuck in, Mags had to place his trust in Doom. This issue ends with Pixie and Lee sneaking deeper into the Scorpius city while the leader of the Scorpius manages to defeat Skull, Thing and Wolvie.

Thoughts: Gah, I was off by an issue... The next issue is the last one for this storyline. To be perfectly honest? I could care less about this storyline. I don't care about Skull, I don't care about Lee, I don't care about the FF, I don't care about every single character in this comic book with the exception of Wolverine, who is in so many damn comic books nowadays I don't really care about him in THIS comic. On top of all that, I hate Doom and Magneto as “good guys” and I'm not fond of the dimension this story is taking place in. So yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings here. Hows about I just move on and start reading the next comic book...

Score: 3 out of 10.Remember when these two characters were the best villains in Marvel and possibly ALL of comics? Good times...


  1. You know , here's a honest to god revelation, I didn't start reading X-men but 2 years ago starting with Deadpool.
    Now that I have a certain cohesive (I hope it does make sense) outlook on the whole x-men & marvel mythos, well I can say that Victor Von Doom is indeed awesome & still has an enduring flavour, Magneto as a villain on the other hand is like a chewing gum. He lost all flavour post Fatal attractions, But he has a spot in my top 10 due to the old good stories, (but even those below him I'm more compelled to see & write, sad ain't it?) .
    In Fact here's my Top 10 beloved x-men villains all classed in terms of Ideology, Story potential fuel & of course enjoyment I have when reading them

    1/2 Apocalypse & Sinister( I can't decide they're THAT GREAT!The most underrated, interesting, polydimensional, amoral rivalry in all comics. From their team wrecking powers to a skill for planning tapestry & actual honesty when it comes to their Ideologies, They have both a beyond good & evil mind concept & both believe working for the good of humanity, It is usually the sign of strong concepts!)
    3 Sabretooth (the bastard son of freddy krueger & Hannibal Lecter!)
    4 Stryfe ( Fuck Yeah For the batshit insane clones! well spoken & charming in the outside while furious, insane a broken psyche inside, you can't decide to loathe him or pity him. A frightening thought, though. If he unleashed a capricious virus only to get to his parents & brother, what could he do if he wanted to get the rest of mankind?)
    5)The Weapon X Directors (especially Brent Jackson.That kid can go places)
    7) Magneto
    8)Selene Gallio
    9)Sebastian Shaw
    10)Dark Beast (Mad & chaotic scientists FTW)

  2. Oh & BTW , I f you ever read my fics, Please point out whenever I make a mistake or how could I improve them. The characterization is my main point. & I have an idea to bring Jean back (Hardest part is to explain HOW she disappeared since I kicked out 98% of New x-men ) & to turn the end of the Twelve debacle into something (like where did Nur go when he was dispersed? & WHO did he meet?)

  3. Wow, so it was DEADPOOL that made you into such a fan of the X-Men? I'd have NEVER guessed that, Saidi, you rarely mention DP! I'll def agree with you on post-Fatal Attractions Mags. THAT was his apex. Holding the world hostage and killing thousands while lording over the planet on an asteroid named Avalon? You can't ever get any better than that imo. Sadly after Fatal Attractions Mags was almost like damaged goods, no writer knew what to do to fix him... Make him into a younger, heroic version? No. Have him take over Genosha with diminished powers? No. Have Wolvie cripple him? No. Have Sentinels kill him? No. Have him come back pretending to be a teacher before betraying the X-Men? No. Have Wolvie kill him? No. Have him living with Xavier on Genosha? No. Have him get depowered? No. And on and on and on! I know we disagree on it, but that's one of the things I liked about Morrison's depiction of Mags, he was EVIL. Sure there were some aspects of his personality that were off, but at his core he was a bad guy again, like he was during Fatal Attractions. I hate the shades of gray Mags, I like him acting pure evil, trying to kill the X-Men all so he could become the undisputed ruler of mutantkind.

    I'd personally have Dark Beast higher on that list, he's one character who is seriously under-utilized. As for Stryfe, I still wish Marvel would have went ahead with their original plan and made HIM the son of Maddie and Scott and Cable the clone. Stryfe would have gone so much further story-wise if HE was the real deal, while Cable could have benefited from being the clone who tried to become a real man or some shit like that. But alas, it was not to be...

    I'm kind of surprised that you'd bother trying to explain the Twelve storyline... I'd just try to go back to Apocalypse basics and forget the whole Apocalypse as a body-snatcher thing. He's an old mutant kept alive by Celestial tech, instead of an evil spirit, or whatever the hell he became after the Twelve. As for Jean, that's easy, she died fighting anybody/anything, and came back due to the Phoenix Force. I'm sure that's how Marvel will explain it when she finally returns.

  4. can some one explain to me who wolverine and the thing are referring to when they are talking about a girlfriend after they find lee

  5. Hmm, it's been a while since I read this so I don't remember that conversation... If they were talking about Lee she's the former girlfriend of Cyclops and Magneto. If they were talking about someone else, I have no clue!