Monday, September 26, 2011

Captain America Corps #4

I'm still collecting this mini-series? Huh. Well, since it's sitting here in front of me I might as well give it a read.

Captain America Corps #4(of 5):

Summary: The Captain America Corps manage to convince Nick Fury and his rebel group to launch an attack on the Americommand's headquarters. Fury has some schematics of the Americommand's base, but there are two areas his people weren't able to get information about. On top of that, the Contemplator(the cosmic being who put the Cap Corps together) tells the Corps that his cosmic awareness wasn't able to pierce the mountain, meaning the Corps and their allies would have to break into the Americommand's base as opposed to simply teleporting inside. The Corps and Fury's rebels successfully sneak into the base and launch their attack, splitting into three groups, one led by US Agent to occupy most of the Americommand's fighters, one group(featuring Commander A, Bucky Cap and Hank Pym) heading towards one of the Americommand's secret locations and the final group, featuring Captain America(a very young Steve Rogers), American Dream and the Contemplator heading towards the final secret location. Bucky's group arrives at their location first and finds the brain of Tony Stark “living” in a jar. Tony's brain tells the heroes that the leader of the Americommand was indeed Superia. Meanwhile, the Contemplator and his group gain access to their secret area and discover a Cosmic Cube. The Contemplator gets too close and is sucked into the Cube, where he discovers hundreds of Steve Rogers from alternate dimensions still frozen in their block of ice. Before Cap and Dream and figure out where the Contemplator went, they are confronted by Superia and her top two henchmen, ending this issue.

Thoughts: This issue was okay. I mean this entire mini-series is okay. It's a fine little story, and sadly, it's probably one of the last places I'll ever see Bucky as Captain America... But while I do like most of the characters present here, at it's heart this is only a mediocre Cap tale. When it's finished, I doubt I'll remember having read it six weeks down the road. Plus how can this be a Cap story without the Red Skull as the main villain?!

Score: 6 out of 10.Come on now, how can Pym identify the brain by it's robotic voice!?


  1. Cus the world has moved on from the red skull man thats what brubaker is doing with the current cap book witch you hate trying to create new villians and such
    besides the bloody red skull is dead and i hope he stays that way
    cap reborn was the perfect saga to end him with

  2. Yeah, but this is an alternate dimensional tale. If you have a bunch of alternate dimensional characters(and Bucky from the mainstream 616) and you can basically do whatever you want storywise, since it will have no bearing on the 616, would you pick Superia or Red Skull as your main villain? Plus I wouldn't consider Baron Zemo a "new" villain, but whatever.