Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

Here's review #25, which turned out not to be a review at all... What am I going on about now? Read on and find out...

The Legion of Super-Heroes #1:

What Happened: Stuff happens, that's what happened. See, I picked up this issue thinking this was going to be a reboot of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Had that happened, this would have been the FORTH reboot of the series, which is a lot of reboots. However, DC BIZARRELY decided to instead continue the prior Legion series(the one that was ongoing BEFORE Flashpoint), but renumbered it as if it HAD been rebooted/changed up after Flashpoint... It took me a few pages, but as soon as I caught on to DC's dirty trick, I stopped reading this issue and will be taking it off of my pull list as soon as I walk into the comic shop on Wednesday. You may have tricked $3 out of me this time, powers-that-be behind DC comics, but I'll be WAY more careful with what I pick up next time...

The Good: Nothing.

The Bad: As far as I'm concerned, everything!

The Verdict: I think I summed up my feelings about this issue pretty well in the “What Happened” section of this post. I will add one more thing before I cut out though... The stuff that I DID read in this comic was boring, so even if I finished this issue, I'd probably have decided to drop it anyway.

Score: 0 out of 10.Wait a minute, this is the OLD Legion and not some rebooted version!? Man, sometimes DC makes it really easy to hate them...


  1. OMG ive never seen u give a 0 before............. cept Brightest Day YEEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was the sixth non-Brightest Day review to get that dreaded score since I staretd to keep track... So yeah, imperfect scores tend to be very rare. They also tend to feature DC comics...

  3. Curious way to take into new readers has DC... Drop them into the middle of the action with any clue about the characters and talking about events in previous issues.
    if they survive that.. sure they will be the most loyal new readers that DC could have ever.

  4. Alien, exactly... It was so odd to suddenly see the OLD Legion starring in this series, talking about stuff from the series before Flashpoint. It did an AWFUL job of trying to draw in new fans. I don't know WHAT DC was thinking with that decision... No, you know what, I DO know what DC was thinking. The OLD Legion is the one Johns likes, therefore, they get to stick around. Simple as that.