Thursday, September 8, 2011

X-Men #17

It's X-Men time! Last issue this series returned to it's rightful writer and I seriously enjoyed the story as a result. As for this issue, let's see if Victor Gischler can keep up his awesome writing while incorporating tons of obscure/forgotten characters into this series.

X-Men #17:

Summary: This story bounces around between three separate settings, so to make things simple for you, I'll tackle each setting one at a time to make this as easy to read as possible. Aren't I a nice guy? We'll start off with Wolverine, Thing and Pixie, who met up with Skull the Slayer last issue. Skull tells the other three that the missing Lee Forrester had gone off to try to negotiate a peace treaty with some other weird tribe and hadn't returned yet. Since Skull knew where she was headed, and feared she was in danger, he enlists Wolvie and company to head off to look for her. The trio run afoul the “people” Lee was trying to recruit and start fighting, at least until Lee arrives on the scene and tells everybody to settle down since she had everything well in hand. Next we head to Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Nemesis and Magneto who have discovered a way to recreate the dimensional gateway to get back home, but are lacking the necessary power to open said portal. Finally it's on to Lord Summers, Emma Frost and Invisible Woman, who have found missing billionairre George Stanislaus. Stanislaus was living with yet another tribe of “people” and tells Lord Summers and company that if anybody would have information on Lee's whereabouts, it would be the emperor of the tribe he was living with. Summers and his crew head to the emperor, who reveals that he knows a surprising amount of information on the X-Men and FF's plight, before sneak attacking the trio and taking them out with weapons specially designed for each. When they wake up, they discover that they had been betrayed by Dr. Doom, who had sided with the emperor.

Thoughts: Doom betrayed the X-Men and FF? I am shocked and appalled... Okay, not really, but you get the picture. No, I don't believe that Doom really betrayed the two teams here since this isn't the FF series and there's not a snowball's chance in hell that Doom is going to turn on the FF in a series that doesn't say “FF” or “Fantastic Four” on the cover. Most likely Doom will betray the emperor to help the FF/X-Men which will ultimately lead to the two teams escaping this weird little dimension. I've definitely read better stories by Victor Gischler as this issue was your basic, run of the mill, mediocre comic. The sooner the X-Men get out of this dimension and away from the FF the better.

Score: 7 out of 10.I could look at this all day...
As a matter of fact, here's another look...
And what the hell, one more for good luck!


  1. OK this is the last one for the Lord Sumers Team

    and how is doing Domino? I feel in love with her in the New X-man series she only appears in one issue but was fantastic, I was shocked for his power and skills..

  2. & one for Jean Grey ! "punch"
    & one for Maddie ! "punch""crotch kick "
    & one for Rachel ! "punch"
    & one for Cable ! "punch""rip-eyes"
    & one for Nate !" Pimpsmack"
    & one for Sinister! "punch"
    & one for Apocalypse!" FALCO PUNCH"
    & one for Havok! "Sho ryu ken!"

    If you wanna add another one for punching douchelops feel free !

  3. "" ...Is Colossus The Juggernaut now?

  4. Domino really hasn't done anything since the old X-Force series that I didn't read, Alien. I'm so glad to see her popping up again, because she was a favorite of mine growing up.

    HA! I think I have to post that scan a few more times to keep up with all the abuse Lord Sumemrs deserves, Saidi!

    Yup, JT. Colossus JUST became the Juggernaut in the most recent issue of Uncanny X-Men. I have a review of it somewhere on this blog if you're really interested, but since I already told you, there's really no reason to read the review I guess... Oh well.

  5. Holy crap! I was joking!!! I'm definitely going to read that review now... mind fucking blown.

  6. HA! Huh, I had no clue you didn't know about that... Well now you do! See what you miss when you don't check out EVER SINGLE REVIEW I post! :P

  7. Haha screw you. Well now I know, besides that's what you're here for, to answer questions that I have, while I send you videos of the Big Show and interviews with Scott Snyder.

  8. HA!! It's win/win for both of us!