Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fear Itself: The Home Front #6

Hot damn, I've finally reached the 26th and FINAL review for this week! What a long, strange journey it's been... The fact that this was the final book in my new comic pile indicates that I thought there were 25 comics worth reading before I got to this one... In other words, I really, REALLY didn't want to read this comic. So yeah, read on at your own peril.

Fear Itself: The Home Front #6(of 7):

Summary: Four stories here. The first story details the Sisters of Sin attacking Miriam Sharpe at her Stamford, Connecticut offices because she was standing up to Sin by posting videos online... In other words, it sounds like the Sisters were really bored. Speedball rushes to Miriam's aid, but ends up being taken down by the Sisters. With Speedball and Miriam unconscious, the Sisters decide to kill their two captives live online to show people that standing up to Sin was wrong. Before they can do the deed, an angry mob enters Miriam's office and tells the Sisters that they've had enough superhuman shenanigans in their city. The second story featured Amadeus Cho, so as per my stringent rules against reading anything featuring Amadeus Cho, I didn't read it. The third story was a one page “story” featuring Dust. It really isn't worth mentioning. The forth story IS worth mentioning though. It starred the Great Lakes Avengers, who were being told to leave their home city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It seems the Serpent's fear effect has caused the citizens of Milwaukee to fear and hate the GLA, as opposed to the general apathy people usually displayed towards the GLA. The hapless GLAers try to convince the mob to disperse, but the mob instead attacks the GLA. The GLAers, not wanting to hurt their not-so-adoring public, sneak away. Meanwhile, the Asbestos Man(yes, really!) tries to rob a fast food restaurant, but is demoralized when he realizes the people in the restaurant weren't afraid of him, but were afraid of the SUPER-asbestos lined suit he was wearing. The Asbestos Man sadly walks outside where he is met by the crestfallen GLA. The GLA figures defeating a super-villain(if you can call the Asbestos Man a “super”-villain) would get the people of Milwaukee off their backs, while the Asbestos Man figures defeating the GLA would garner him some street cred. Unfortunately, upon hearing that the Asbestos Man was wearing SUPER-asbestos, the GLA is hesitant to attack him, fearing the suit's cancerous effects. With his potentially EPIC battle taken from him, the Asbestos Man sadly sits down in the street. The GLA offer to arrest the Asbestos Man, which would put him in their rogues gallery, giving him the attention he craved(sort of...). The Asbestos Man happily jumps at that offer and before long a hazmat crew arrive to take the Asbestos Man away. The people of Milwaukee, who watched that whole sad scene play out, decide that the GLA aren't worth their fear or hatred, and decide to simply go back to ignoring their “heroes”. Happy that the status-quo had been reestablished, the GLA head off to get some ice cream.

Thoughts: God help me, I LOVED the GLA story! It was legitimately funny! I literally had a smile on my face for the entire story. Everything else in the comic was crap to me, but THAT story single handedly saved this issue from what would have almost definitely been a 1 or less for a score. Since I only read two stories here(and no, I don't consider a one page feature to be a story), I'll base my score on the average of those two stories... I'll give the Speedball story a 1, and the GLA story a 10(I TOLD you I liked it!), bringing the overall score of this issue to a...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.EVERYTHING about this page was great!!


  1. OMG, seriously, this issue was AWFUL. I don't think I appreciated the GLA story as much as I would've normally, because I had just gotten through the clustersmurf of the Speedball and young-whatever-they-are stories and felt rage-y. I can't believe we're still paying money for this comic.

  2. Agreed! And I actually enjoyed the first few issues of this series, but the past few have been awful! The first three stories were useless, but I've got to say, the GLA story raised the score of this one from a 1 to a 5 1/2! Needless to say, Home Front #7 is at the very bottom of this week's new comic pile...