Monday, September 19, 2011

Demon Knights #1

We're almost at the end of the road for this week! Only three more reviews left to post, this one and then two more for tomorrow. Anyway, here's a look at a comic I wasn't originally planning on picking up, but decided to give a chance to after Paul Cornell's strong work on Stormwatch #1. Onward!

Demon Knights #1:

What Happened: We get started at the fall of Camelot with Merlin bonding Jason Blood with Etrigan the Demon for some cryptic reason or another. From there we move forward a few hundred years where Mordru and his Queen are ravaging the British countryside. We meet up again with Jason Blood, Madame Xanadu, Vandal Savage and an either very young or very feminine Shining Knight at a tavern. The Queen and Mordru's forces attack the tavern so Jason turns into Etrigan to deal with them. In response, Mordru and the Queen send dragons to deal with the Demon.

The Good: Cornell seems like he's trying to squeeze as many lesser known characters into this series, which is something I can always respect. A strong supporting cast can protect a weak lead character. I've always been a bit of a closet Mordru fan, so I was happy to see him here. The cliffhanger was solid.

The Bad: I just couldn't get into this series... The setting just isn't my cup of tea. Merlin was a real jerk here... Then again he always seems to be a jerk. There seems to be a love triangle between Xanadu, Jason Blood and Etrigan brewing for some inexplicable reason. I have NO clue what was up with the Shining Knight.

The Verdict: Well, you can't say I didn't give this series a fair shot. Unfortunately, it just isn't the type of comic book I'd want to pay money to read. I know there's an audience for this sort of story/setting, but I'm not a member of that audience. I've always preferred stories set in the present or the future. The past? Not so much. With that said, I definitely won't be picking up the second issue of this series.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Always with the demon-lovin'...


  1. Lol We are in oposite sides this week X i give it a 10 to this series =)
    and the worst for me was Suicide squad with a 2..

    hey I know you already droped this Demon series but this is part of the solicitit for Demon Knights 4..

    Don’t miss “Merlin Watches The Storm,” featuring guest art by the sensational Mike Choi (X-Force)! And yes, “storm” is a hint.

  2. Well Alien, Mike Choi is hit or miss in X-force his X-23, Domino, Archangel,Deadpool, Cable & Stryfe were awesome But his Wolverine is too... handsome , his Gambit is too innocent (Sorry but Gambit always has a mischievous, almost devilish expression to him. The shadiness is part of Remy Lebeau.) & His Sinister is Horrid (Remember X, When I said how thy were drawing his like a goth teen while the guy is middle aged? Well here ya go...)
    Anyway, I don't get why they put Etrigan in this team. He's not hero material, The demon I know is ...well a Fucking DEMON (check the Ennis run & Hitman , Fuckin Awesomeness!) & By that , I mean the sort of Vicious bastard who'll make you say " with friends like this , who needs enemies.
    But while Cornell is a good writer (well except for DXM... FUCK YOOOOUUU NORMAN ! FUCCKKK YOOOOOUUUU! BULLSHIT, CHEATING , PLOT ARMOUR ! GAAAAAAH! okay sorry I'm done.) I really hope he'll bring back Neron to his awesome busineess man charisma!
    Also , I admit I have a weird Crush on Madame Xanadu! I dunno maybe I really like the Heroic sorceress trope ( Wanda will always be one of my favourite avengers & really desrves to have her wish come true! I'll give it to her!)
    Oh & finally

    Been a while I did not pester ya with this, eh? ;)

  3. hahah Lol saidi, I havent got idea who mike choi is.
    Just was pointing that there will be some ties between Demon Knights and Stormwatch

  4. Well, we can't always be on the same page, Alien. JT and I have been blogging back and forth for almost 2 years now and we're always disagreeing over things! It's that link between Stormwatch and this series that made me pick up this issue actually... Eh, maybe I'll just pick up the occasional issue here and there when it mentions the Stormwatch series.

    See, I had NO clue what Mike Choi had worked on, so thanks for the info, Saidi. If you ask me about writers, I can handle that, but I suck at remembering the artists on a book! Oh, and I have to agree with you completely about Wanda. She was always my favorite female Avenger(well, either her, Mockingbird or Black Widow), and I'd love to see her reclaim her spot on the team. Avengers: The Children's Crusade #7 drops tomorrow, and should have more on Wanda's recently returned memory, so I am PSYCHED for that. Oh, and I gotta say, that is one sweet DP you drew, Saidi!